How to Plan an Event

If you would like to reserve the UVa Chapel for a wedding, christening, or memorial service, please go here.

To reserve space and plan an event on Grounds, please read the following steps:

1.You must be a part of a CIO or Special Status Student Organization at UVa or a staff member of a University Department.

2. Log into theĀ SOURCE, the University’s scheduling and calendar site, with your e-services id and password. Go here for instructions on how to log into the SOURCE.


3. You will receive 2 emails. The first email is your RECEIPT for requesting space. This does not mean the space is reserved. Requesting a room or equipment online does not guarantee availability. If you do not receive this email, please submit your request again.

The 2nd email is your CONFIRMATION email from an event planner. This means that your event has been approved and your CIO is in good standing with the University. An Event Confirmation form issued by the ODOS Event Planning Office at Newcomb serves as the reservation contract.

4. Discuss all event needs (e.g. tables, chairs, projector, and microphone) with your event planner.