New Scheduling System for Student Activity Spaces

Dear UVA Community Member:

The Office of the Dean of Students is pleased to announce the launch of a new scheduling system for requesting student activity spaces.  The change in system is the result of feedback from students, staff, and faculty desiring a more robust way of submitting and viewing space requests and faster confirmation of the request.  Benefits of the system include better response time, a calendar system that shows immediate space hold upon submission of request, enhanced real-time space availability, and new requester controlled features.  We are confident that you will find the system much more user friendly and easy to navigate.

In order to reserve student activity space in the new system, each department and CIO will be required to assign a maximum of two individuals to serve as the primary reservation contacts for the organization.  These individuals will be referred to as “event requester.”  If your department/CIO has no plan to reserve student activity space, there is no need to delegate an event requester.

Each event requester is required to attend a one hour training session before system access is granted.  The session will focus on the basics of the system including submitting, viewing, and modifying a request.  In addition, the session briefly highlights general space use policies and procedures.  Upon completion of the training, an Event Planning Services staff member will authorize your ITS-issued username and password for system access and notify you via email.  Only those individuals who attend training and who are designated as ‘event requester’ are granted access to the system for their specific department/CIO.

CIOs, FOAs, Agency and Special Status Organizations, please click here to register for training.

Administrative and Academic Departments, please click here to register for training.

Special note to CIOs:  CIOs must make the event requester designation within atUVA.  It is critical that CIOs ensure the information is regularly updated.  It takes approximately one week for event requester changes to take effect within the system.  If you are to serve as event requester for multiple CIOs, you must be designated as such for each organization.

Special note to Departments:  Departments must make the event requester designation by clicking here.  It will take approximately one week for event requester changes to take effect within the system.

If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the ODOS Event Planning Services via email at or by phone at 434-924-7225.

Thank you

ODOS Event Planning Services