General Policies

To provide the best service possible to all users of our facilities, we ask for your cooperation in following these guidelines. Please be advised that these are our general policies. More specific policies and guidelines may apply to an event and will be discussed when the reservation is requested.

Who may reserve space?

CIOs/Club Sports

Only the officers of approved CIOs/Club Sports may reserve space. Approval is defined by the completion of the application/renewal for CIO status determined by Student Council and University policies. Questions regarding approval status should be directed to the Student Council Vice President for Organizations. Depending on the organizational model used by the student organization, at times a committee chairperson may make reservations, but only when the booking is for the committee or subcommittee.

A newly forming student group that has not yet been approved may reserve a room for an interest meeting one time.

Fraternities and Sororities

Only those Greek organizations in relationship with the University of Virginia through the FOA approval process may reserve spaces through Newcomb. The person booking a reservation must be an officer or in a leadership position.

Special Status, Residence Life Councils, Class Councils, ODOS-Affiliated Organizations

These groups may also make reservations; officer/leadership position guideline still applies as explained in the CIO section.

University Departments

Faculty and Staff members of departments may make reservations for department events. Private or non-departmental social events may not be reserved in Newcomb by a department member. Students employed by or interning in departments may make reservations for department events. Faculty may also designate a student to make reservations for specific events on behalf of the department. Rooms in student activity buildings are not available for regularly scheduled academic classes. If students will receive class credit or a program is part of a class curriculum, Newcomb’s spaces may not be used. For case by case exceptions, the Event Planning Manager’s approval is required.


The only spaces that may be reserved directly by alumni are the University Chapel (for weddings, christenings/baptisms, and memorial services) or the 6 Gardens administered by the Newcomb Event Planning Office. Alumni reunion reservations must be made by the Alumni Association. An alumnus may then be designated by the Alumni Association to coordinate the event.

Non-University Entities

Outside companies and agencies may NOT make reservations directly through Newcomb. Only Recruiting companies approved by University Career Services or Study Abroad programs approved by the International Studies Office may book rooms or second floor tables for information sessions. UCS and ISO grant approval by sending interested parties their specific reservation request forms. These request forms must then be faxed to the Newcomb Event Planning Office. Recruiting events may be informational or for testing ONLY; interviews may not be held by companies within Newcomb. Each recruiting company or study abroad program is limited to 2 dates (maximum 4 hours per session) for room reservations per semester. In addition, recruiting companies or study abroad programs may reserve second floor information tables for 2 dates per semester. Only one non-University group may reserve an information table on any given day.

Other non-University entities must coordinate with a department or conference services to reserve space inside Newcomb.

The University Chapel may also be reserved for weddings and christenings by guests with no University affiliation. State and federal agencies may occasionally hold functions in Newcomb, but these approvals are made on a case by case basis.

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When may space be reserved?

The Event Planning Office accepts room reservations for the fall semester beginning soon after spring break each March. Room reservations for the spring semester are taken beginning in early October. The dates on which reservations will be accepted are set each semester. Please contact the Newcomb Event Planning Office for specific dates.

At least 1 week prior to events, organizations and departments must confirm the details of programs including, but not limited to the following:

  1. What equipment will be used?
  2. Room setup: number of chairs used and desired arrangement (and diagram, if needed)
  3. Some approvals may require more than 1 week advance notice. Please refer to Approvals Needed section for clarification.

These details should be confirmed with the Newcomb Event Planning Office. Approval for events or equipment scheduled less than a week before the event date will be granted on a case by case basis according to the availability of Newcomb’s resources and staff.

The following spaces are reserved no more than one month ahead of the start date:

  1. Amphitheater banner spaces (week long reservation; Mon – Sun, once per organization, per semester)
  2. Second floor exhibit cases (week long reservation: Mon – Sun; 2 weeks total per organization, per semester)
  3. Indoor and outdoor information table spaces (reserved by the day; up to 5 days in each area per organization, per semester)

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Limits on numbers and types of bookings

When the reservation process for the following semester begins, each student organization may reserve up to 15 dates for meeting rooms. Only 15 dates may be reserved a semester in advance. Once a semester begins, a second series of 15 reservations may be made if space remains available. Each student organization is limited to 3 dates in the Newcomb Ballroom and other Newcomb facilities each semester for large events. Such large events include but are not limited to dances, fashion shows, banquets, large resource fairs, or exhibitions. Films may be approved for multiple days or in a series. An organization may only put on one play per semester with up to 3 nights of performances and 7 days for set building. Rehearsals for shows and plays cannot be reserved until 10 days after the semester begins; a total of 15 rehearsals dates may be booked.

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When and how are fees assessed?

Room Charges

Room charges are determined primarily by the type of group making the reservation. The other factors in determining fees are the type of event, whether admission or registration fees will be charged, and what the make up of the audience or participants will be.

In some cases, exceptions to the following guidelines may be made according to the nature or function of an organization or department as well as the nature of an event. These exceptions are made on a case by case basis by either the Event Planning Manager or the Director of Facilities Services.

Fees may also be assessed for equipment use, setups, overtime, staffing, rain site holds, or other special circumstances. You will be notified of these fees at the time of your request.

Student Organizations

For student organization meetings and events where the majority of participants are currently enrolled University students or faculty and staff members, no room charge will be assessed. A Student Conference room rate will be added if the majority of attendees to a program are not currently enrolled University of Virginia students or University of Virginia faculty and staff.

University Departments

Departmental meetings will not include room charges. A Department Conference room rate will be charged in the following instances:

  1. A registration fee is collected
  2. The majority of participants in an event are not affiliated with the University, but the department is conducting the event
  3. A non-University group is sponsored by a department but the department is still conducting the event.
  4. Programs which are social in nature or otherwise not directly related to University business, but the attendees are University of Virginia Faculty and staff.

A non-University room rate will be charged to a University department sponsoring a non-University group when the majority of participants are not from the University and the UVA Department is not conducting the event. Some exceptions may be made on a case by case basis depending on the nature of the department and/or event.

All non-University groups will be assessed a room fee regardless of the nature of the program. Either the Department Conference or non-University rate will apply.

The rate for equipment rental and other fees will be assigned according to the rates published on this site.

An additional vendor table fee may be charged if an outside company or entity is brought in to sell, showcase, or provide information on its products or services as part of a student organization or department sponsored resource/information fair. No other solicitation is permitted in Newcomb.

Hiring Security Staff

Some events may require hiring University Police Department officers for security. These events include late night activities, any event where alcohol is served, and certain large-scale events such as concerts or dances. Other special circumstances may also require retaining security. The University Police Department must provide the security services or approve of the security vendor (e.g., RMC events). The organization booking the event is responsible for arranging security and managing all associated costs. The security officer(s) must arrive half an hour before an event is scheduled to begin and remain until half an hour after the crowd has dispersed; the total charges are thus determined as the event time plus 1 hour. At least one week prior to the event date, the organizing group must provide satisfactory documentation to Event Planning Services that appropriate security has been scheduled. Otherwise, the event will be cancelled.

Cancellation Policy and Fees

Reservations in the Newcomb Ballroom, Theater, Forum at O’Hill, and the Student Activities Building may be cancelled without penalty up to 10 days before a scheduled event. Within 10 days of the scheduled program, a late cancellation fee will be incurred by the organization or department.

Reservations in Newcomb’s conference/meeting rooms may be cancelled up to 3 days before a scheduled event. Within 3 days, a late cancellation fee will be charged.

Organizations or departments that do not cancel their reservations in Newcomb spaces and do not show up will be charged a full room rate.

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Security must be hired through the University Police Department for certain events including but not limited to:

  1. Events where alcohol will be served
  2. Outdoor concerts and other events open to the public
  3. Any events ending after midnight (see Late Night Event Policy (.doc)
  4. Student events where admission or other money will be collected
  5. Other large events or programs which include security risks or concerns determined by the Newcomb Event Planning Office or the University Police

Security request forms must be signed by the Event Planning Manager of Newcomb no later than 14 days before the event. The forms are submitted by the Event Planning Office to the University Police Department. Organizations will be notified upon approval.

All of the above approval request forms are available in the Newcomb Event Planning Office or on the forms section of the website.

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No glitter, taping, tacking, nailing, gluing, painting, marking, or stapling to any walls, surfaces, or floors is permitted in Newcomb’s rooms, hallways, elevators, etc. Signposts are available from the Newcomb Event Planning Office upon request. No sand-filled helium balloon weights are allowed. No candles or lighted implements of any type may be used. Any and all decorations that will be used must be approved by the Event Planning Office.

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Food, Beverage, and Catering

Food may not be set up or served in any of the hallways due to fire code restrictions.

The following spaces are under contract with Aramark, UVa’s catering service:

  1. Newcomb Ballroom
  2. Commonwealth Room
  3. Pavilion XI
  4. Forum at O’Hill
  5. Runk

Only Aramark may provide food and beverages in these contracted spaces. No outside or homemade food or beverages may be brought in or delivered to these rooms.

In Newcomb’s other reserved spaces, food for potlucks, refreshments, and meals may be catered by an outside company or brought in by the customer.

The following restrictions also apply:

  1. Only homemade food may be sold for fundraising purposes, and only at the outdoor lawn tables
  2. No food may be sold at the indoor or outdoor second floor information tables or the O’Hill info tables
  3. All food on the Newcomb Plaza must be given away free and be offered to the public
  4. Although tickets may be sold for events in the Amphitheater and Student Activities Building , food at such events must be given away for free
  5. Within Newcomb and the Student Activities Building , alcohol may only be served by Aramark
  6. No alcohol is permitted in the Main Lounge as all events must remain open to the public

All food provided by student organizations must comply with the University policy governing food service by Student Organizations.

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Departments and organizations with billing numbers must furnish their (PTAO) numbers when making a reservation that includes any charges or fees. Billing is typically processed at the end of every other week. Departments that require proof for billing may obtain copies of invoices at the time a reservation is made or after the billing has been processed. Requests for documentation should be made to the Event Planning Manager. Departments sponsoring non-University groups may also provide a contact name and billing address if the charges will be billed directly to the outside entity.

Recruiting companies, agencies, and individuals and Study Abroad programs must pay for charges in advance of the event date. Full payment of room, equipment, staffing, and other fees is due 10 days before the event. Reservations made within 10 days of the event should be paid for immediately. Checks may be mailed to Newcomb Hall. Visa and Mastercard payments may be made by mail or phone (434.924.8808). In the event of a cancellation, companies may be entitled to a 50% room change refund if the cancellation is made more than 10 days before the scheduled event. Within 10 days, no refund will be given.

Student Organizations and other groups without internal billing accounts will be billed by email on a bi-weekly basis. Payment is due 30 days after the invoice date. New reservations will not be processed for any organization with past due invoices.

Additional guidelines are in place for reserving the University Chapel

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