Room Rates and Equipment Fees

Room Rental Policy:

Please note that student organizations and University departments are charged for rooms if they meet one or more of the following:
  1. A student conference rate will be incurred by a student organization if the majority of attendees to the program are not currently enrolled University of Virginia faculty and staff.
  2. A department conference rate will be charged to a University department if a registration or similar fee is collected or if the program is social in nature or otherwise not directly related to University business.
  3. A non-university fee will be charged to a University department when an event or program is sponsored where the majority of the participants are not University faculty or staff or currently enrolled University students.
  4. All non-University groups will be assessed a room fee regardless of the nature of the program.
  5. An additional table fee may be charged at events where vendors are brought in to sell, showcase, or provide information on their products or services.  Special event rates are in effect for prom and wedding receptions.