Schedule of Events


Date Time Event
Sunday, March 27 5:30 pm — 7 pm Opening Reception
Hosted by the Office of the Dean of Students
UVA Art Museum
Monday, March 28 9 am — 5 pm Huskey Awards
Hosted by GSAS
Planned by GRAD Council
  8:30 pm — 11 pm Grad Student Mixer #1
Tuesday, March 29 12 pm — 1:25 pm Plenary: Connecting the Dots: Successfully transitioning from graduate student to faculty
Hosted by the Teaching Resource Center
Jefferson Hall
***Lunch Included***

Join us over lunch as we discuss the research on successful early career faculty – what experiences in graduate school most help them prepare for their new positions and what gaps in preparation are most common. We’ll consider ways to shape your graduate career to help you thrive now and to prepare you for a successful transition into a faculty position.
  1:30 pm — 2:50 pm Panel: Exploring Alternative Academic Careers
Hosted by the Teaching Resource Center
Jefferson Hall

Whether you are actively considering a professional or administrative career in higher education or just curious about viable alternatives to traditional tenure-track positions, this panel will provide food for thought. In this session, you’ll have the chance to listen to panelists currently engaged in such careers as they share tips and advice, information about their career planning experiences, and answer questions.
  3 pm — 5 pm Workshop: Beyond Time Management
Hosted by the Teaching Resource Center
Jefferson Hall

Graduate students and faculty members alike are perennially busy people. Teaching and research obligations can be difficult to manage by themselves, much less in conjunction with family-care, personal time, and all of those other tasks that life seems to require.  How do you juggle your various commitments without losing your balance?
This workshop invites you to evaluate your current relationship to time, reflect on your priorities, and draft a personal well-being plan for a life that is academically productive and personally satisfying.
  8 pm — 10 pm Grad Student Mixer #2
Boylan Heights
Wednesday, March 30 12 pm — 2 pm Plenary: Securing Research Funding and Fellowships
Interdisciplinary Faculty Panel
Jefferson Hall
***Lunch Included***
  2 pm — 3:30 pm Plenary: Research Publication Strategies
Interdisciplinary Panel of Faculty and Students
Jefferson Hall
  4 pm — 5:30 pm Plenary: Developing Your Core Competencies as a Graduate Student
Featuring Wendy Perry
Jefferson Hall
  5 pm — 7 pm Grad Student Mixer #3
  7 pm — 9 pm Grad Student Mixer #3
Michael's Bistro
  9 pm — 11 pm Grad Student Mixer #3
Thursday, March 31 12 pm — 2 pm Plenary: History of the Professional & Graduate Schools at UVA
Moderated by Dr. Alexander "Sandy" Gilliam
Jefferson Hall
***Lunch Included***

  2 pm — 3:30 pm Plenary: Leveraging Difference; How it Benefits Students and the University
Featuring Cheryl Apprey, Joel Hockensmith, and Pam Norris
Jefferson Hall
  5 pm — 11 pm Grad Student Mixer #4: Range Open House
Hosted by Range Council and Grad Council
East Range
Friday, April 1 12 pm — 2 pm University of Virginia Engineering Research Symposium
Thornton Hall
Hosted and Planned by SEAS Grad Council
4 pm — 5 pm Miller Center and the Presidential Recordings Plenary
Featuring Marc Selverstone
The Miller Center
  5 pm — 7 pm Miller Center Social
Pizza and Beverages
The Miller Center