Thank you!

 Side banner La Gala 2014

La Gala 2014 on April 5th was a big success.  Thank you to all alumni, current and future students, as well as faculty, staff and community members who attended.  We look forward to seeing you at next year’s gathering!  Click here to see more photos from the day! 

Here are a few highlights:

La Gala 2014.7From left to right:  Professor Chavez (Latino Studies), professor Munoz (Spanish), professor Pellon (Spanish), Julie Roa (ODOS Coordinator), professor Braun (History), Claudia Quintero (Bolivar Network board member), professor Padron (Spanish).


La Gala 2014.1From left to right:  Student leaders Nataly Luque, Karla Aguayo, Karla Castro, Gianfranco Villar


La Gala 2014.8

Professor Tico Braun is awarded this year’s Pablo Davis award, which recognizes a member of the wider community whose work has greatly impacted the lives of undergraduate students at UVa.  The plaque reads:

“For your ability to inspire and challenge students to question and explore the past in ways that inform the present.  Through excellent teaching, you have impacted generations of students. We commend your scholarship and dedication to teaching.”

La Gala 2014.2From left to right:  Julie Roa (ODOS Coordinator), Jeanne Fradianni (community member), Alexandra Arango (Alumna)


La Gala 2014.3From left to right:  Faviola Rubio (alumna), Isabel Argoti and Savine Hernandez (current student leaders)


La Gala 2014.4From left to right:  current student leaders Alejandro Nava (PMP exec), Sebastian Lerner and Catalina Pinto (ODOS interns)


La Gala 2014.5From left to right:  Karla Castro (LSA president, CLAS ’14), Patrick Martinez (CLAS ’08), Ricardo Padron (CLAS ’89), Faviola Rubio (ENU ’05)


La Gala 2014.6As a special treat at the end of the event, Alejandro Nava Moncada shares his singing talent by serenading our special guests – the parents of prospective students!


Thanks to all for a very memorable Gala 2014!