Past Events – Fall 2011

Noche Bohemia, Night of Entertainment

At La Casa Bolivar, the University’s Spanish Language House, members, friends and community members came together for a night of entertainment. Talents such as poetry reading, dancing, and singing were all showcased under the Spanish House roof. The success of La Noche sheds light on the possibility of more Noches to come.

Advocacy Brings Speakers
November 3rd, 2011

Rebecca Jaramillo who works for the Democratic Party of Virginia and the Democratic Latino Organization of Virginia spoke for LSA Advocacy on Latino politics in Virginia and the importance of the upcoming State Elections. She has lobbied for the DREAM Act and against anti-immigrant legislation in the Virginia state Senate. Virginia State Senator Creigh Deeds was also in attendance and encouraged the registration of Latinos in elections.

PMP Award Lunch
November 1st, 2011

The first big Peer Mentoring Program event for the Hispanic/Latino community during the fall semester was the Field Day in Nameless field on September 2nd. It was designed to bring the various teams (aka familias) together to meet each other, share a good time and participate in a friendly competition for points.

The Winning Pair

The winning familia of the Field Day earned a lunch sponsored by the Office of the Dean of Students! The award lunch is meant to introduce the mentors and mentees of the winning familia to an interesting and knowledgeable faculty member relevant to their academic interest.
Manuel Portocarrero Neyra, Gabriela Hurtado, Kevin Uruena, Sophia Ahl, and Adrian Medina got a free lunch at the Virginian with Marketing professor Natasha Foutz from the McIntire School of Commerce and Program Coordinator for Multicultural Student Services, Julie Roa. Congratulations!

Field Day winners 2011 (1)
The Winning Familia with Julie Roa and Professor Foutz

Pumpkin Carving Fiesta!
October 24, 2011

10.24.11 Carving Competition PMP (10)
First Place winners

PMP offered a session of pumpkin carving to all its mentors and mentees. Not only was there a great turnout, but there was also a lot of friendly competition to see who was the best crafter. Congratulations to Karla Castro and Lisa Batres’ familia who won first place with their Cav Man Pumpkin! In second was Laura Pittaluga and Kelvin Grullon’s familia with their rendition of the Rotunda. Two familias came in third place, Jennifer Bond and Fernando Mercado-Violand’s familia along withGloribel Bonilla and Angela DeSimone’s familia.

10.24.11 Carving Competition PMP (22)
Second Place Winners
10.24.11 Carving Competition PMP (32)
Third Place Winners
10.24.11 Carving Competition PMP (31)
Third Place Winners

Southwood Picnic
October 21, 2011

The Southwood community along with the Southwood Mentoring Program held their annual picnic at the community center. Performances from Fuego and the Southwood step teams entertained the children, family members, and mentors. The mentors and mentees enjoyed a day without homework on the blacktop.

Jeopardy Latino!
October 19th, 2011

PMP held a Jeopardy for its members, with questions latin-american related. Participants were divided into their individual houses and all four houses competed for the grand prize, a house dinner with a faculty member of their choice! Congratulations to Maxi’s House who came in first, with Erika’s House in a close second and Eduardo’s House in third.

Students Enjoy Pizza at Jeopardy

Hispanic Heritage Month Dies Down

The Latino Student Alliance celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month this year with various events that incorporated the student body as well as the Charlottesville Community. Events varied from promoting cultural awareness to dinner with professors.

Some of the highlights of the month were the Hispanic Heritage Month Kick-Off Carnival. Each of the organizations under the umbrella of LSA had a carnival booth where games from all over Latin America were played. There was pan dulce from a local panaderia, dance performances, and a inflatable obstacle course provided my UPC. This event showcased the diversity within the Latino community at UVa and was a wonderful start to the month!

Our Still DREAMing event highlighted the Advocacy committee of LSA. The purpose of this event was to bring to light the human rights issue of unequal access to education. We accomplished this by having a discussion with those in attendance about the impact of the DREAM Act on individuals. There were ten co-sponsors of this event from various groups around Grounds and more than 100 people attended this event.

This Hispanic Heritage Month LSA was able to accomplish its goal of reaching out to groups across Grounds and within the Charlottesville community. We upheld our mission of advocating for Latinos and their rights here at UVa and on a global scale. We are grateful to all of our participating constituent organizations and all the individuals who worked so hard to make this month successful. We are looking forward to Latino Week in the Spring semester!

Flavors Comes Out Hot!
October 6th, 2011

As a finale to a great Hispanic Heritage Month, LSA put on their annual Flavors Showcase. Fuego along with ReMix, the HooRaas, SIU and several other performing groups, danced their way into the hearts of the large audience. The show, a cultural celebration, was a great way to both lure the audience into becoming a greater part of LSA and celebrate the end of a great month. Watch the trailer!

Fuego after Flavors

Still DREAMing Nothing to Sleep On
October 3, 2011

LSA Advocacy, along with Amnesty International, the Minority Rights Coalition and several other organizations put on a Still DREAMing Panel at Nau Hall. In hopes of spreading awareness and encouraging membership, Nelson Lopéz, Chair of LSA Advocacy, brought in Tim Freilich, Director of the Immigrant Advocacy Program at the Legal Aid Justice Center, an expert and advocate for the DREAM Act. Tim spoke of the legal troubles undocumented immigrants currently face in Virginia along with the courage it takes for them to pull together a movement under such circumstances. Curious students could approach Tim at the banquet after the event.


Conexiones Family Feud Fun!
September 29th, 2011

LSA hosted a Family Feud Game in the Commonwealth Room! The event was a chance for professors, administrators and students to mingle and build ties. Questions such as “Name a Hispanic dessert” and “Name a UVa tradition” turned the game competitive despite there being no prize. No one likes to lose at Family Feud after all!

Family Feud Host Nelson Lopéz!
Fuego members teach Zumba

Zumba Means Business
September 21, 2011

Fuego put on free zumba classes at the O’hill Forum as part of Hispanic Heritage Month! The class had a high attendance of both new “zumba-ers” and returning “zumba-ers.”

Dorm Storm Incites First-Years!
September 19, 2011

Fuego along with ReMix and the Academical Village People stormed their way into first-year dorms, causing a lot of excitement and curiosity. The Dorm Storm, part of Hispanic Heritage Month, was both a means of distraction for studious students as well as a means of recruitment for the participating groups.

Conversations Gets People Talking!
September 19, 2011

Conversations lured in several different people from all different backgrounds to sit down and listen to each other. The lunch held in the Commonwealth room asked students questions that they would not normally be comfortable asking, such as “What is your opinion on Affirmative Action?” and “What is your opinion on the DREAM Act?”

Hispanic Heritage Month Kicks-Off Right!
September 16, 2011

Friday, Hispanic Heritage Month was celebrated with much enthusiasm. LSA and UPC co-sponsored a carnival at the Amphitheater. The carnival included an inflatable course, music, cultural food, and several games common in Latin America, including piñatas! Continue celebrating by attending one of the several events going on this month.

Students attempt to break open a piñata
Presentation at Latino Greeks

Latino Greeks Answer Wondering Minds
September 14, 2011

The Latino Greeks at UVa held a panel on Wednesday as the first sponsored event for Hispanic Heritage Month for all interested parties. LUL, LTA, LTP, and SLU were all represented and gave insight into what it means to be a Latino greek.

Hallie Clark speaks on behalf of Living Wage

LSA Advocates for the Living Wage Campaign
Septemeber 5, 2011

Several members of the Latino Student Alliance attended the Living Wage Campaign interest meeting on Monday night, showing their support for the movement. Last semester, LSA strengthened their relationship with Living Wage who then reciprocated by campaigning for the DREAM Act. This year, LSA hopes to maintain this strong alliance.

PMP Field Day of Fun
September 2, 2011

Remember when Field Day was the best day of the year in elementary school? Well this year mentors, mentees and executive heads of the PMP program got to act like 9-year-olds again – running through obstacle courses, fumbling around at three-legged races, and tragically breaking eggs falling off their spoons. A day of friendly-competition allowed the PMP members to get to know one another and ended in a trophy ceremony.

Congratulations to Manuel Neyra and Gabriela Hurtado’s Familia!

Mentors bond with mentees through activites.
Manuel Neyra and mentee celebrate their win!

SHPE Attracts New Members
August 31, 2011

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) held their first general body meeting Wednesday, drawing in first years through their yearly raffle for a $200 gift certificate to go towards books. Both new and old members enjoyed themselves over pizza and a “speed-dating” icebreaker. As SHPE explained what goes on behind the scenes of the best chapter in the district, it was obvious that retention of members was not a problem for this CIO. Good luck this year SHPE!

First-year wins $200 gift certificate

Kick-Off Shows Great Turnout
August 23, 2011

Students crowd into Commonwealth Room

The LSA/PMP Kick-Off was a mini-Activities Fair for Latino/Hispanic students looking to get involved . All students; incoming, transfer and returning, mingled with one another over pizza and posters. One of the biggest turnouts to date, this year promises to be a great year for all CIO’s involved.

Activities Fair Brings in New Students
August 22, 2011

The Activities Fair held at the South Lawn on Monday allowed all CIO’s to actively endorse their club, ranging from cultural to academic organizations. Several students, both incoming and returning, showed a lively interest in becoming more involved with organizations such as LSA, TBLA, and SHPE. Good luck this year clubs!


Student Signs Up for Fuego