Past Events – Fall 2012

Around the World in 80 Poems
November 13th

As part of International Education Week, UVa professor Fernando Opere read from his book of poems “Around the World in 80 Poems.”  The book was originally written in Spanish and the poems were translated into English.  Professor Opere and professor Gies read the poems and their translations, thus providing the audience with a rich, bilingual night of poetry.

October 12th

LSA wrapped up Hispanic Heritage month with its annual multi-ethnic talent show, Flavors of Latin America. Students from all corners of the university filled Ern Commons to the brim to watch the spectacle. Performers included Fuego Dance Crew, Grupo Candela (from James Madison University), Ektaal Acepella Group,Salsa Club, LUL, LTA, and several individual student performances.

The Importance of the Latino Vote
October 12th

Fiorella Medina, in conjunction with LSA and the Office of the Dean of Students, invited Max Sevilla, a representative from the National Association of Latino Elected Officials, to come speak at the Newcomb Theater. Sevilla gave a thoughtful and enlightening presentation on  the influential role played by the Hispanic/Latino vote in previous elections, and why it will continue to be important in this year’s presidential election. After the event, students were given the opportunity to register to vote if they hadn’t already.

Latinos in Education
October 11th

Students filled up the Newcomb Gallery Room as they came to listen to Professor Amanda Kibler, Gloria Rockhold and Russell Carlock speak of the obstacles Latinos face in the realm of higher education. LUL and LTA worked together to coordinate this Q&A event, in which students were able to network with important figures in Charlottesville and learn about the status of minorities in modern society. Yummy catering from Casa Del Sol was served, and voter registration forms were provided for interested students after the event.

SHPE Research Symposium
October 4th

The Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers hosted an exhibition of a wide array of research conducted by UVa undergrads. Made up of primarily Engineering students, the researchers highlighted the practical applications  and large significance of research that is carried out in our very own school. Students spent the evening discussion research projects and indulging themselves in food provided by Wings Over Charlottesville.

October 3rd

Conexiones, hosted by LSA, offered students and faculty an opportunity to discuss various issues pertinent to diverse communities like UVa. Participants moved around the room, visiting individual stations that focused discussion on different topics like ethnic identity, language, and minority representation on grounds. Students filled the Kaleidoscope room to the brim, exchanging their different perspectives and enjoying traditional Mexican food from ‘El Jaripeo’ Mexican restaurant.

“Los Condenados”
October 1st

Sylvia Chong, a professor in the English department, hosted a screening of “Los Condenados” a Puerto Rican psychological thriller that focused on the hardships of coping with guilt. It was the first time that the film had ever been viewed by an audience in the U.S. Chong also invited the film’s director, Roberto Busó-García.

Professor Potluck
September 28th

Students and professors came together in Casa Bolivar  to enjoy an evening of great food and fun conversation. As the house rules dictate, all attendees had to strictly speak in only Spanish, adding an academic touch to the lively atmosphere. Students came home with a better understanding of Hispanic food, refined skills in the Spanish language, and full stomachs.

“Which Way Home”
September 27th

LSA hosted a screening in of the powerful documentary “Which Way Home”, which followed the lives of several young Latin American Children in their journey to sneak into the United States.  Students gathered in Dell 103 to view the film and  absorb its deep social and political messages. After the film, attendees stuck around to discuss its significance.

Copa Wahoo
September 23rd

The Hispanic/Latino Peer Mentoring Program worked together with “Towards a Better Latin America” to host Copa Wahoo, a free soccer tournament open to the entire student body. Male and female students alike gathered in teams of 5 to compete at Nameless field in the Sunday afternoon tournament. At the end of the day, it the team “Los Internacionales” came out on top and won the grand prize, a free dinner at Basil.

Expressions D’Oro
September 21st

LUL and AphiA teamed up to host a fantastic show dedicated to exhibiting diverse talent on grounds. Expressions took place at the O’hill Forum and featured acoustic musical talent,  spoken-word performers, and even a magician.  The show concluded with an open-mic segment, when members of the audience had the opportunity to show-off talents of their own.

7 Things to know about Hispanic/Latino Culture
September 20th

Students from all corners of the University gathered at Ern Commons to listen to Dr. Pablo J. Davis give an insightful lecture on the key aspects of Latino culture. Davis enlightened the audience with in-depth explanations and cross-cultural comparisons of concepts like ‘family’, ‘work’, ‘time’, ‘respect’, and more.

Hispanic Heritage Month Kick-Off
September 14th

LSA introduced National Hispanic Heritage month with the HHM Kick-Off Carnival at the ampitheater. Every umbrella organization under LSA contirbuted with their own personal booth. Guests enjoyed the evening with free food, dance performances, salsa lessons, an inflatable obstacle course, and games of all kinds.

Mentor’s Reveal
September 7th

After having received secret gifts throughout the past few days, the PMP mentees were finally introduced to their respective mentors at nameless field. Mentors and mentees bonded for the first time over food, drinks, sports, and great weather.

The First Mixer
August 30th

For this school year, the 1st years and transfer students got a chance to meet all the mentors of Peer Mentoring Program (PMP) in musical chairs style as all the mentees moved between tables and got to know the mentors individually through questions set by the executive board. The students then were able to select their top choices for mentors. The “Big Reveal” is set for Friday, September 7th where the mentors will reveal themselves to the mentees that they will be paired up with for the ‘12-’13 school year.

Latinos for Obama
August 29th

On Wednesday, August 29, 2012 the members of the executive board of the Latino Student Alliance, along with other members, witnessed President Obama’s campaign speech in downtown Charlottesville. We are very aware of the importance of the youth vote, more specifically the Latino youth vote, in the upcoming election, so we felt it was our duty to represent young Latinos across the nation by attending the rally and advocating for issues we feel strongly about, as young, Latino students. After volunteering with the regional campaign office for Obama, we earned VIP tickets to the rally, where we stood front row and luckily, had the opportunity to shake President Obama’s hand at the end of the speech. We felt very proud about the attention we got from the press and the audience for showing our unity and our Latino spirit with our “Latinos for Obama” t-shirts. It was an incredible experience!

The political opinions and preferences of our members do not represent the views of LSA as a whole.