Peer Mentoring Program

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Peer Mentors are a resource for incoming students. Student mentors draw from their own experience at the University of Virginia as well as from their training to inform and guide newer students who are making the transition from their previous institution to the diverse academic, intellectual and social culture that they find here.

Entering students are matched up to mentors after having met everyone through several events, aptly named Mentor-Mentee Weeks. The events for this two week-long bonding include: Food Fest on Aug. 25th, Billiards Night on Aug. 28th, S’mores Night on Sept. 3rd, and concludes with Mentor Matching on Sept. 6th. Through these events we will match a mentee to a mentor and we will have a Big Reveal Field Day on September 12th at Nameless!

welcome reception

Altogether, there are 4 PMP familias, each lead by an Exec member, with about 20 mentors each! Mentors are approachable, enthusiastic, knowledgeable about University resources, and genuinely interested in helping others.  Initial contact over the summer is made by the executive board followed by a second contact by mentors. They offer to answer questions and remain available to interested incoming students. PMP is a great way to meet people, build community and have fun.


The Peer Mentoring Program is student-led and professionally coordinated.  Students, with their experience, their caring and their commitment are at the heart of PMP.  The program’s infrastructure, selection process, training, and oversight are coordinated by a professional educator within the context of the University’s Office of the Dean of Students.

PMP is set up to develop a nurturing and supportive community. To develop such community the program creates small families made up of mentors and their mentees to allow for close relationships to build.

Each family along with their family head will be in charge of organizing a program-wide event at least once throughout the year. The executive board will also organize events for mentors and mentees to mingle not only among themselves but also with other peer mentoring programs and student organizations, encouraging mentees to become more involved in the University.