2012-2013 Activities Archive

MSA: Islam Awareness Month


As part of a series of events during Islam Awareness Month, the MSA held an event showcasing the diversity within the Muslim community around the globe. The “Colors of Islam” event in the Newcomb Art Gallery was a showcase of food, culture, and diversity.

PCS: Iran Day


The Persian Cultural Society’s annual Iran Day event celebrated Norooz and Persian culture through dance, skits, poetry, music and food! The event was held in a packed Newcomb Ballroom on Saturday evening.

SPJP & Project Nur: Max Blumenthal “Ziojuana – High on Zionism: The Indoctrination of Apartheid Israel Today”


Investigative reporter and best-selling author of “Republican Gemorrah: Inside the Movement that Shattered the Party”, Max Blumenthal talked to students in Minor 125 about the Israel-Palestine Conflict, Palestinian human rights, and his recent coverage of the Birthright mega-event in Israel.

PCS Screening “A Separation”


The Persian Cultural Society held a movie screening of the Oscar-winning movie, “A Separation”. The event was held in Random Row Books. “Set in contemporary Iran, A Separation is a compelling drama about the dissolution of a marriage.”

SPJP Bazaar


SPJP’s Annual Charity Bazaar raises funds for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. The bazaar was held in Newcomb Lounge.

Whatever Happened to the Arab Spring?


The Center for International Studies hosted a panel discussion with Bill Quandt, Professor Nathan Brown, Nejib Ayachi, Professor Alma Jadallah and Former Secretary General Ahmad Masa’deh.

SPJP Screening, “5 Broken Cameras”


SPJP (Students for Peace & Justice in Palestine) held a screening of the Academy Award nominated documentary, ‘5 Broken Cameras’ at 8 p.m. in Minor 130. The documentary attracted a large audience, including students, faculty and community members.

Oukadh Debating Society


ASO and the Oukadh Debating Society held a trivia/jeopardy game at Shea House on Sunday afternoon. Students answered jeopardy questions relating to the Middle East & North Africa in addition to enjoying food catered by Raising Canes and Kabob Palace.

Voices for Syria


Project Nur at U.Va. gathered a group of human rights activists and journalists in Syria and faculty members to share their accounts of the Syrian Revolution. The event was held in the Newcomb Main Lounge and Art Gallery and was catered by Bazlemas Turkish Restaurant.



ASO had its first IHOP Night of the semester. Students went to IHOP on Thursday night for the weekly “half off” deal available to U.Va. students!

MELC Friday


Friday afternoon on the Lawn, MELC kicked off its first MELC Friday of the Semester with hot cocoa, tea and cookies.

SPJP Meeting


SPJP held its first meeting of the spring semester. Members discussed the annual SPJP Bazaar and the upcoming screening of the documentary “5 Broken Cameras”.

MEMP International Cooking Night


MEMP mentors and mentees came together at the Lorna Sundberg International Center for cooking night! They made chicken shawarma and delicious hummus sandwiches!

MELC’s Annual Poetry Night


MELC’s Annual Poetry Night was held in Shea House. Poetry night featured poetry recitations in Urdu, Hebrew, Farsi, Arabic and Turkish.

The event was a huge success. Ariana’s catered the event.

ASO & SPJP Co-sponosorship: Paint Beta Bridge for Gaza


In light of the recent outbreak of violence and attacks in Gaza, many students are disheartened and demoralized by these current events. Students came together and painted Beta Bridge to raise awareness in remembrance of the victims.

Lecture: Renowned Philosopher Martha Nussbaum Speaks at U.Va.


The University’s Institue of Humanities and Global Cultures sponsored a talk by Professor Martha Nussbaum. Professor Nussbaum is a University of Chicago professor of Philosophy and Law. Martha Nussbaum addressed the topic of her new book, “The New Religious Intolerance: Overcoming the Politics of Fear in an Anxious Age”. She talked about how Islamophobia is plaguing American and European laws and how these laws are enacted to discriminate against religious minorities. These laws are particularly burdensome upon Muslims. She highlighted France as having passed a number of laws that have specifically targeted Muslims. The event was held in a packed Minor Hall Auditorium.

Minority Rights Coalition – Diversity Panel


On November 12, 2012 at 7 p.m. CIOs in the Minority Rights Coalition (MRC) convened in the Nau Auditorium to discuss key minority issues in the 2012 Presidential Election.

MELC Friday, With a Spooky Twist


This week’s MELC Friday was Halloween-themed. Many came dressed in their Halloween costumes. Pita and hummus were served.

SPJP Quandt & Mearsheimer: Middle East Issues Facing the Next U.S. President


SPJP hosted a panel discussion with Professor John Mearsheimer, distinguished international relations professor at the University of Chicago and co-author of “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy” and Professor William Quandt, distinguished U.Va. Politics Professor and Middle East expert. This very successful event drew hundreds of students and faculty to the Nau Auditorium.

MEMP Graduate School Panel


MEMP hosted a Graduate School Panel with representatives from the Comm School, UVa Law, Batten School of PLL, Public Health, Education and Darden. The event was held in Peabody Hall.

SPJP Meeting


SPJP held a general body meeting in New Cabell Hall on Monday night to plan for their upcoming events.

MELC & ASU: Presidential Debate


MELC and the Asian Student Union (ASU) co-sponsored an event in Newcomb Theatre. The last presidential debate was screened in Newcomb Theatre from 9:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

MELC Friday: Homecomings


In honor of Homecomings, a special MELC Friday was held from 5 – 7 p.m. in Lawn Room 1. Traditional Persian food was served and many undergraduate and graduate students came together to chat and mingle on the Lawn.

Homecoming Festival: MELC Henna Table


In preparation for Homecoming weekend, a Homecoming Festival was held on the South Lawn from 6-8 p.m. MELC’s Henna Table was a great success. As thousands of alumni descended on Charlottesville for Homecomings, a series of events were held throughout the weekend, including a special MELC Friday.

MEMP Movie Night


On Thursday, October 4th, The Middle Eastern Mentoring Program kicked off Fall Break with a movie night! Several mentors and mentees came to watch (or, most likely, re-watch) Aladdin and Jasmine in their epic Disney tale. Pizza was eaten, nostalgia was had, and even more memories surrounding such a great movie were made!

MEMP: Apple Picking


On a sunny Sunday morning, MEMP mentors and mentees went apple picking in Carter’s Mountain. Apple Picking is on the list of must-do things before you graduate from UVA.

MELC Friday


Every Friday at 3:30 p.m. students gather in Lawn Room 1 to discuss current events over hummus, pita, and lemonade. Join MELC every Friday at 3:30!

Election Series: Obama and Romney on the Middle East


Professor Bill Quandt gave a “flash seminar” on Obama and Romney’s Middle East policies. He graded Obama on his Mid-East policy. Middle Eastern issues have become part of the intensely partisan debates between Obama and Romney. While the positions taken during the campaign do reflect some real differences between the candidates, history suggests that much of the rhetoric will be left behind when the election is over. And then whoever is president will face some truly complex issues in the Middle East region — Syria, Iran, the new Egypt, and stalemated Arab-Israeli peace talks are just a sampling.

SPJP General Body Meeting


The Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine met in Newcomb 389 to discuss the National SJP Conference in November, philanthropies, and the upcoming speaker series.

MELC Shoot for the Moon Soccer Tournament


MELC participated in the Shoot for the Moon Soccer Tournament, a philanthropic event which raises money for Campfire USA, Girls on the Run, and the Southwood Boys and Girls Club.

ASO & PCS Dowtown


The Arab Student Organization (ASO) and the Persian Cultural Society (PCS) co-sponsored an event at the downtown mall.

PCS Potluck


The Persian Cultural Society had a potluck Friday night. The potluck was a success and everyone enjoyed good food and good company.

SPJP & ASO Paint Beta Bridge


A co-sponsored event brought together SPJP and ASO.

MEMP Scavenger Hunt


In an event that combined mentor-mentee collaboration with an opportunity to learn more about the secrets and traditions of the University, the Middle Eastern Mentoring Program hosted its first scavenger hunt event! The three-day endeavor, ending in a picnic on the steps of the Rotunda, took students from Beta Bridge to Observatory Hill, with opportunities to take fun pictures and gather key objects along the way. Although no one received 100 points for bringing President Sullivan along for the ride when turning in items, the winners of the scavenger hunt, mentor Nusayba Hammad and her mentee Sasan Mousavi and mentor Talal Mohammad and his mentee Sina Mazaheri, will be treated to a lunch with Julie Roa!

SPJP Occupation 101


The Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine screened the documentary film, Occupation 101 which highlights the causes and roots of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The movie was followed by a lively discussion about different perceptions of the conflict.

ASO: Revolutions in the Arab World


ASO sponsored a talk by Professor Scott Harrop who is teaching a class on Revolutions in the Middle East & North Africa.

MEMP Mentor Training


MEMP held a training session for mentors in Nau Hall and discussed ways mentors could help their mentees. MEMP also announced the “MEMP challenge” in which a prize will be given to the mentor and mentee who have done the most activities together.

SPJP Commemoration for Rachel Corrie


The Students for Peace and Justice for Palestine held a candlelight vigil for activist Rachel Corrie. Guest speaker, Pam Bailey spoke about her work with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) in the Palestinian territories. Students gathered on the Lawn.

MEMP Ice Cream Social


MEMP mentors and mentees got together in Lawn Room 1 for MEMP’s first ice cream social event.

MSA’s Eid Banquet


Students gathered for a catered dinner at the Eid Banquet. Faculty sponsors discussed a new tutoring program that would target high school students in Charlottesville and a Charity Program.

The Middle Eastern Student Welcome Reception


Students, faculty, and representatives from University Career Services came together in Garden VIII to welcome new students as well as returning students. MEMP Mentors received a free MEMP t-shirt and water bottle.

MSA First General Body Meeting


MSA members gathered in O’Hill Forum to greet new members of the incoming class of 2016 and to discuss their goals for the semester.

Student Activities Fair


An annual activities fair is held before classes begin. Over 300 CIOs were present.