Meet The Board

MEMP is led by a group of dedicated and organized students who make up the program’s executive team. They are in charge of planning and running community-wide events, organizing mentor training workshops and offering support to both mentors and mentees throughout the year. They benefit from access to faculty, administrators and other professional contacts. Their work with MEMP provides them with professional experience in community building, event planning, managing budgets and more.

Meet the 2014-2015 Board

Gelare Ghajar-Rahimi Zakary Kraimeche Ayesha Arshad

2014-2015 Board



Gelare Ghajar-Rahimi

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the University of Virginia! I am Gelare Ghajar-Rahimi, a rising second year on the pre-med track. I grew up in Vienna, VA (team NOVA!) in huge Iranian family. Growing up with a culture foreign to my classmates and a name that only my family could pronounce had its challenges, but it made for an interesting childhood. At UVA, you can usually find me studying for chemistry in Clemons or walking around Grounds, staring at the Jeffersonian architecture in awe. I am involved in Persian Cultural Society, tutor with the Biology Society, and shadow at the UVA Kidney Clinic. I love running, laughing, watching Modern Family, and eating lemons. I am so excited to be a part of the MEMP Exec board. While I was transitioning to college life, MEMP gave me an opportunity to meet a lot of really cool people, have some fun adventures, and discover all that UVA has to offer. I cannot wait to meet you all! Please feel free to contact me at

Zakary Kraimeche (aka Zak)

Hello and welcome to the wonderful University of Virginia – a place of prestige, of tradition, and, most importantly, of fun! First I’ll tell you a bit about me and I hope, in time, I will get to learn about you!

My name is Zakary Kraimeche (aka Zak), and I’m currently a second year pursuing a BA in Computer Science and in Economics. I was born in Manhattan, NY but I barely lived there. My early childhood years were spent playing Super Mario, Pokémon, and jumping on the trampoline in New Jersey. Then I moved to Harrisonburg, VA where I have lived ever since (and where I discovered new interests like tennis, ping pong, electronic dance music, and Chipotle).

My ethnic background includes the North African countries of Algeria and Morocco. Thus I speak a good amount of Arabic, albeit the North African dialect. I also speak a good bit of French. And English, naturally. My interests include sports (especially tennis), video games (mostly PC), movies, spending time with friends, reading, eating, napping when I get the chance, and programming, of course!

Overall, I’m a jovial, light-hearted person who loves dorky jokes and talking to people. Sometimes people ask me why I never stop smiling. I guess when I’m around people I can’t help but have a big goofy grin on my face! Lastly, I wanted to say that it is the utmost privilege and honor to be serving on the executive board for MEMP 2014-2015! I hope my efforts will make MEMP an even more vibrant and fun program for many years to come!

P.S. Please send me an email at to talk about anything and everything – I am always available for conversation or a bit of advice! UVa is an awesome place with awesome people and I look forward to meeting and getting to know all the new members as you discover what this wonderful place has to offer!

Kimia Nikseresht

Hey guys and congratulations on becoming a Wahoo! My name is Kimia Nikseresht and I am a rising second year in the college of arts and sciences. I was born in Shiraz, Iran and lived there until I was ten years old. In the fourth grade, I moved to little Bedford, New Hampshire, where I went to school and lived, except for my regular trips to Iran and the lovely state of Virginia. I am majoring in Spanish, and sociology/foreign affairs (it’s so hard to choose between subjects that I love!) but eventually hope to attend law school in the future. I like to spend my time playing volleyball, basketball, dancing, hiking, and just staying active. I also love getting involved in the UVA community, and all of the resources that are available to students here. As a first year, my mentor played a huge role in exposing me to many of these opportunities, so I hope that as a member of the MEMP board, I can carry on the traditions! Welcome to UVA, and go Hoos!