Charlottesville Mosque

Brody Jewish center

Find other religious organizations

There are additional religious centers within the Charlottesville community which tend to serve primarily residents of the local community but at which you are also welcomed.

Voices of Diversity – a hub that highlights and celebrates the achievements and contributions of diversity at the University.

CAPS – UVa’s primary student counseling clinic


Just Report It – If you have been the victim of or have witnessed an act of bias or disrespect in our community, please alert our office by reporting it here. Your report will be confidential and read by the dean on call, who will follow-up promptly.

Get Grounded – a student-run initiative to combat the social norm of bystander behavior—that is, to encourage and empower students, faculty and staff to recognize, react and respect at the University of Virginia.

Mentoring Resource Packet [PDF]

ODOS Middle Eastern Community Newsletter Archives

For students of Islamic faith, the Muslim Student Association has prepared this list of resources.


Your Program Coordinator, Michelle Sawwan – My goal is to listen to the voices of various communities; to empower students to educate, support and collaborate with one another; and to promote intercultural dialogue, awareness and celebration. Feel free to come to me with any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions.

Michelle Sawwan
Program Coordinator for Multicultural Student Services
Office of the Dean of Students
University of Virginia
Newcomb Hall / Programs and Councils Space / Office 164D
P.O. Box 400708 / Charlottesville, VA  22904
Phone (434) 924.7449 / Fax (434) 924.3889

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