People and Departments


Main Office/Peabody Hall
Phone: (434) 924-7133 · Fax: (434) 924-3889
2nd Floor, Peabody Hall, PO Box 400708 · Organizational Chart

Last Name First Name Position Phone Email
Groves Allen W. Associate Vice President & University Dean of Students 924-7429
Caruccio * Julie I. Associate Dean of Students 924-4836
Casteen Laurie D. Associate Dean of Students 924-8883
Dailey Kyle I. Assistant Dean of Students 924-4551
Eramo Nicole P. Associate Dean of Students 924-7216
Laushway Francis Aaron Associate Dean of Students 924-7427
Pattie ** J. Marshall Associate Dean of Students 924-7427
Vito Adriana Associate Dean of Students 243-6730
Guzman Marc Paulo Q. A/APA Program Coordinator
Rheinheimer Scott Program Coordinator; LGBTQ Student Services & Center 924-7447
Sawwan Michelle Multi-Cultural Student Services Program Coordinator 924-7449
Thomas Nicole Program Coordinator for Prevention 924-3882
Saunders Rhonda F. Office Manager and Assistant to the Dean of Students 924-7429
Gibson Shelly Administrative Assistant 982-2047
Mawyer Sandra Administrative Assistant 924-7133
Westin Carol Administrative Assistant 924-7427

* Located in Thornton Hall A112
** Note that the following five ODOS units comprise Newcomb Centers & Services led by Dean Pattie: Business Services & Operations, Fraternity & Sorority Life, Marketing & Communications, Student Activities, and Technology & AV Services.

Business Services & Operations
Fax: (434) 924-7981
4th Floor, Newcomb, PO Box 400701

Last Name First Name Position Phone Email
Rush Charles Director of Business Services and Operations 924-8807
Kozuch Michael Associate Director of Business Services & Operations 924-4225
Roston Kenny Facility Manager 243-2703
Walcott Charles Assistant Director of Operations 924-8823
Thomas Baldys Jamie HRMS Coordinator & Office Manager 924-8806
Magilley Ted Senior Fiscal Coordinator 924-8805
Payne Pat Business Services Coordinator 924-0867
Thon Denise Business Services Coordinator & Event Planning Assistant 924-8977
Davis Deanne Event Planning Manager 982-2327
Morris Greg Event Planning Assistant 924-0821
Lippincott Dorothy A. Event Planning Assistant 924-3203
vacant   Event Planning Assistant 924-0867  

Fraternity & Sorority Life (FSL)
Phone: (434) 924-7430 · Fax: (434) 243-2007
149 Newcomb Hall, PO Box 400177

Last Name First Name Position Phone Email
Turner Hal Interim Assistant Dean & Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life 924-3320
Ferguson Matt Associate Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life 924-7311
vacant   Administrative Assistant 924-7430  
vacant   Program Coordinator 924-7381  

Housing & Residence Life
Phone: (434) 924-3736 · Fax: (434) 924-8956
Dabney House, PO Box 400320

Last Name First Name Position Phone Email
Perez Gay Associate Dean of Students and Executive Director of Housing & Residence Life 243-3605
Gist Vicki L. Assistant Dean of Students  - Transfer, Upperclass & Focused (TUF) Areas 924-3736
Petters Andy Assistant Dean of Students – First Year Areas 924-3736
Castleman Celia Area Coordinator – First Year McCormick Road (Bonnycastle/Hancock, Kent/Dabney, Echols/Humphreys, Page/Emmet and Metcalf/Lefevre 924-3736
Conde Tiffany Area Coordinator – Brown College, Lambeth and the Lawn 924-3736
Miller Venus Area Coordinator – Alderman South First Year Area (Gooch, Dillard, Courtenay, Dunglison, Fitzhugh, & Shannon) 924-3736

Patel Vinay Area Coordinator – Bice, Language Houses, Hereford College and Johnson/Malone/Weedon 924-3736
Pearl Kate Area Coordinator – Alderman North First Year Area (Balz-Dobie, Kellogg, Woody, Cauthen, & Tuttle-Dunnington) 924-3736
Ward Cody Area Coordinator – Copeley, Faulkner, International Residential College, Lile-Maupin and Watson-Webb 924-3736
Ferguson Kimberly Director of Conference Services 924-0811
Hawes Vicki L. Assistant Director of Off-Grounds Housing 243-8924
Humphreys Jessica Director of Information Technology 924-4116
Romer Patricia Director of Business & Facility Services 924-3287
Hays Mari Executive Assistant 924-3403

Marketing & Communications
Fax: (434) 924-7981
4th Floor, Newcomb, PO Box 400701

Last Name First Name Position Phone Email
White Alison Director of Marketing 243-5538
VanNoy David Web Developer 243-8488

Orientation & New Student Programs (ONSP)
Phone: (434) 982-4555 · Fax: (434) 982-4506
First Floor, Newcomb Hall · PO Box 400181

Last Name First Name Position Phone Email
Enoch Tabitha A. Assistant Dean & Director of Orientation & New Student Programs 982-4555
Prasad Shraddha Assistant Director 924-7259
Eckert Timothy R. Orientation Coordinator 982-4571

Student Activities
Phone: (434) 924-4164 · Fax: UPC (434) 243-2007, SAC (434) 924-4186
First Floor Newcomb

Last Name First Name Position Phone Email
Miles Emily Interim Director of Student Activities 924-8825
Paisley Kendra Assistant Director of Student Activities 924-8808
King Alyssa Program Coordinator for Student Activities 924-4194
Herndon Trisha Office Manager 924-3286

Technology & Audio Visual Services
Fax: (434) 924-7981
4th Floor, Newcomb, PO Box 400701

Last Name First Name Position Phone Email
Reifenstein Richard Director of Technology & Audio Visual Services 982-0584
Litchfield Matthew Technology Services Manager 924-1415
Seidel Alex Database Manager 982-0584
Williams Eric G. Audio Visual Manager 924-7658