Hispanic/Latino, Native American, and Middle Eastern Student Services

Marc Paulo Q. Guzman
Marc Paulo Q. Guzman
Assistant Director, Multicultural Student Services

Office in 164 Newcomb

P 434.924.4195

Hispanic/Latinx, Native American, and Middle Eastern Student Services

The diversity of our community is a core strength that enriches the intellectual and social experience of all students, faculty and staff on Grounds. By interacting and participating in varied experiences - both inside and outside the classroom - students develop into educated citizens. My goal is to listen to the voices of various communities; to empower students to educate, support and collaborate with one another; and to promote intercultural dialogue, awareness and celebration.

I aid in the development of students as thinkers and doers by connecting them to resources (including each other), informing them and encouraging engagement with the wider U.Va. experience. Through internships, peer mentoring and leadership guidance, I directly support the following populations:

Latinx, Hispanic and Latin American students

There are numerous student-led organizations (CIO's) here at the University that seek to connect Hispanic/Latinx students to each other and the wider university community. Read more about the community, as well as resources and services here.

Native American students

The Native American Student Union (NASU) is made up of a diverse group of students, Native and non-Native, who come together to explore common interest in Native American culture. The organization strives to provide an environment where all students can freely explore issues of identity, heritage and community.  If you are interested in finding out more, please contact the organization’s President, Danielle Anderson.

The Office of the Dean of Students regularly collaborates with NASU, university faculty and staff, and members of the surrounding Virginia Indian communities and tribes to support our current Native American students and to help increase Native American representation in higher education. 

Over the past academic year a series of videos were created by current university students to encourage Native American high school students to pursue higher education. The results can be viewed at the bottom of the VIP-COI webpage. It is our hope that these videos will be useful during VIP-COI summer camps, powwows and more.

Middle Eastern students

There a number of Middle Eastern student organizations on Grounds which serve as a wonderful resource to all students. To read more about them as well as resources and services please see this site. For students of Islamic faith, the Muslim Student Association has prepared this list of resources (pdf).