Academic Space Reservations

Academic Space Reservations

The Event Planning Services Office is currently accepting single date requests for academic spaces. To ensure the University Registrar’s Office has adequate time to finalize the placement of classes, single date requests are being approved on a weekly basis.

We will begin accepting weekly and recurring space requests beginning September 23, 2013, for  events occurring between October 1st and December 6th.

The following restrictions apply to all events held in academic spaces. As the organizer of the event, student organizations have the responsibility to maintain the good order of the classroom and will be held liable for any damage incurred during the event:

1)      Request must be submitted no later than 3 business days before your event start date and the request must be received by 5:00 pm.

2)      December 6 is the last day events can be held in academic spaces.

3)      The following is not permitted in academic spaces:

  • Food and Drink
  • Loud Noise (music, speaking, etc.)
  • Dancing
  • Movies
  • Auditions

4)      Rehearsals are only permitted in cases where the show is taking place within an academic space and it is within 2 weeks of the show date.

5)      Musical and Theatrical performances are limited to Chemistry 402, Maury 125, Wilson 402, and Minor Hall and must stay contained within the room.

6)      All performances-related requests must submit an amplified sound form.  The reservation request cannot be approved without it.

7)      Furniture should not be removed from the classroom or rearranged unless it is returned to its original set-up.

8)      Activities during meetings/events must not disturb other groups using any space.

9)      You must adhere to the approved reservation times. Prior approval is required to extend or alter a reservation in any way.

10)  If a CIO violates the terms of the Use of University Facilities policy, the organization may lose its space reservation privileges for a period of 12-months.

Student Activity Space Reservations

We are currently accepting reservations for Student Activity spaces which includes Newcomb Hall, Ern Commons, O’Hill Forum, Runk Green Room, SAB, UVa Chapel, and the Amphitheatre. Please allow 10 business days for processing.  Requests are processed in the order received.