Update: Policies for the Use of Academic Space

Every effort is made to accommodate CIO requests for academic space. As a result of the large number of CIOs and need to prioritize classroom space for classes and labs, CIO demand for classroom space frequently outstrips supply. We ask for CIO patience and cooperation in our efforts to  meet your needs with the understanding   that we may not always be able to approve your first choice of space and time. The policies below have been articulated by the Office of the Provost in consultation with the Office of the Dean of Students and Student Council in order to prevent disruption to classes and minimize damage to classroom facilities. We are grateful for your partnership in caring for our shared spaces.

Please note that Student Activity Spaces managed by the Office of the Dean of Students (Newcomb, Ern, the Forum, Runk Green Room, SAB, etc) are not subject to the policies listed below. For information on those spaces, please visit http://www.virginia.edu/deanofstudents/eventplanning/policies/.

  1. Requests for academic space must be submitted to Event Planning Services no later than 5 business days prior to the event start date and the request must be received by 5:00 pm.
  1. Academic spaces may be reserved on weekday evenings and weekends. Academic spaces and times designated by the Office of the Provost as available for reservation are listed on the Event Planning Services website: http://www.virginia.edu/deanofstudents/eventplanning/our-spaces/
  1. Classroom space may not be reserved after the last day of classes (due to exams).
  1. The following is not permitted in academic spaces:
  • Food and Drink
  • Loud Noise (amplified sound, speaking, or music beyond a normal conversational level)
  • Dancing (dancing without shoes is permitted)
  • Movies (because of the amplified sound policy and copyright laws)
  1. Furniture should not be removed from the classroom or rearranged unless it is returned to its original set-up. Lecterns must not be moved.
  1. Activities must not disturb other groups using adjacent/nearby space.
  1. Groups must adhere to the approved reservation times. Prior approval is required to extend or alter a reservation in any way. This request must be made at least 1 business day in advance.
  1. CIOs found to be in violation of these polices will receive a warning from Event Planning Services.  A second violation may result in the organization losing its academic space reservation privileges for a period of 12 months.

Additional notes for Performing Arts Groups needing rehearsal and performance spaces

  1. A special “Sound Zone” has been created to permit a cappella and theatrical rehearsals with minimal impact to classes (i.e., the Provost’s Office has generously moved classes to facilitate this zone). Singing and dramatic rehearsals are permitted in these spaces, though amplified sound and dancing (with shoes) are still prohibited. Groups needing amplified sound should seek to reserve Student Activity Spaces instead of academic spaces.

The following spaces are designated as a Sound Zone (the list may evolve as the year progresses):

  • Maury 104, 110, 113, and 115
  • Minor 125 (with the single provision that groups could be bumped if the room is needed by a special program/event; the bumped group will be provided with one week notice)
  • Minor 130
  • Cauthen 134

Note that other academic spaces continue to be available to performing arts groups subject to the standard loud noise stipulations.

  1. High demand performance spaces (Chemistry 402 and Wilson 402) may be reserved for final/dress rehearsals 2 weeks prior to a group’s performance in those spaces. These spaces may also be reserved outside of that window subject to availability.
  1. Musical and theatrical rehearsals and performances must stay contained within the assigned room (i.e., no spillover into the hallway or lobby).
  1. Rehearsals are limited to 2 hours at a time (Monday – Thursday) due to demand constraints and the desire to be fair to all CIOs requesting space. On Friday – Sunday, there is flexibility to go beyond two hours depending on space availability.  In addition, within five days prior to a weekday rehearsal, a CIO may contact Event Planning Services to request an extension beyond 2 hours if no other group has reserved the space.