Good advertising is the key to any successful program, including recruitment events, fundraisers, service events, or even a social event. Ensure the success of your program by following these steps to advertising successfully.

Step One—Ask the Right Questions

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are our resources? How much time, money, and manpower is available?
  • What are our objectives? (Keeping in mind the target audience)
  • What are our strategies? What media do we plan to use?

Step Two—Make a Plan

  • Based on the answer to the questions above, create a plan.
  • Contact resources/media you want to use, including the CavDaily, UPC website, Student Activities Calendar, NBC 29 Community Calendar, etc.
  • Create a timeline. Working backward from the day of the event is often useful.

Step Three—Execute the Plan

  • Gather a team to make light work
  • Delegate tasks (See one-sheet on delegation)
  • Be sure to work within the guidelines of the law and University policy.

Ideas for Creative Advertising:

  • Receive permission to attend a similar event and pass out pamphlets for your event
  • Release a promotional video describing your event and post it on YouTube and Facebook
  • Make promotional T-Shirts and have members of your CIO wear them around Grounds
  • Post a bulletin on atUVa’s homepage

Contact the Student Activities Center for more information at

Source: Mallory, C. (1989). Publicity Power. Menlo Park, California: Crisp Publications, Inc.

Hooview and atUVa Usage Policy

The University is committed to promoting communication among students, faculty, the administration, and the surrounding community. HooView is a network-based display system that will allow students to create and display digital messages across any network-enabled screen on Grounds. atUVa is an information system focusing on student involvement and its related activities. The system includes a bulletin board and calendar for announcements and event details. The purpose of this policy statement is to provide information regarding appropriate manner of posting information and messages to the HooView display system and atUVa. Guidelines on messaging are intended to: (1) afford individuals appropriate means by which to advertise events and announcements; and (2) preserve the University’s general and online atheistic as a public institution.

Digital Messaging via HooView and atUVa is permitted under the following conditions:

  1. Messages shall be used to promote services, events, announcements, meetings, programs, etc., sponsored by recognized student organizations.
  2. Messages are limited to one per event, promotion, or activity for both HooView and atUVa.
  3. Messages shall clearly and prominently indicate the name of the sponsoring recognized student organization.
  4. All users of the system are responsible for the content of their submissions.
  5. Each playlist available for the submission of content will have a maximum capacity of messages: recognized student organizations shall receive priority on these lists.

Appropriate Types of Messages:

  • Messages including announcements of services, events, meetings, or programs occurring on-Grounds or off-Grounds that are sponsored by recognized student organizations.
  • Critical incident notifications for the University. The University reserves the right to use the messaging network and notification avenues exclusively for critical incident notification and communication as events or situations require.

Inappropriate Types of Messages:

  • Personal messages including by not limited to; personal items for sale, personal parties, and private events
  • Messages containing obscene images and/or profane language not appropriate for public display
  • Political campaigning (both for University office and for local, state, or national office)
  • Commercial uses (consistent with University policy on commercial use/solicitation)

Messages which are not in compliance with these regulations will not be approved for display by Student Activities staff. All appeals and protests regarding the distribution of messages on the students organization displays should be sent to or within 24 hours of receiving notification that the submitted message has been rejected.


  1. Student Activities staff will be the approving authority and clearinghouse for student organization use of the HooView system and atUVa.
  2. Messages should be submitted for approval at leave five business days prior to the desired date of posting.
  3. Messages shall generally be posted for, but not limited to, a maximum of three weeks.
  4. Messages must be submitted with a clear stop-time or end-date; open-ended or recurring/continuous messages are not permitted.
  5. Special requests for messages containing video and sound may delay the posting of messages and are subject to system capabilities.
  6. Student Activities staff will remove message after the conclusion of the events/activities advertized in messages.
  7. Student Activities staff reserve the right to edit message submissions, on content-neutral grounds, for accuracy and compliance with University policies and local, state, and federal laws.

Calendar/Email Submissions

Various Calendar/Email Submission Procedures, University of Virginia


Connections is published on Wednesday. Deadline: Monday, by 12 p.m. Please visit

  • Connections will not include any postings for events that take place on the Wednesday of publication.
  • Please provide a website for readers to find more information. If you do not provide a URL, the contact e-mail will be used instead.
  • Submissions to Connections should conform to Associated Press style. This is particularly important in describing dates.  Dates and times should follow AP style for abbreviations (Jan. Feb. March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.). For example: Feb. 7, 7 p.m. or Feb. 7, 7:30 p.m.
  • Please do not include days of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc.)
  • The proper abridged form of the University’s name is U.Va.


  1. The University Calendar is located at:  You can also reach it through the front page of the Newcomb website.
  2. To submit an event to the University Calendar go to the website and choose “suggest an event” under “calendar login” and follow the instructions therein.


SABOR is a newsletter designed to provide information about new, exciting, and culturally rich experiences occurring within the Hispanic/Latino community in the upcoming issue that may be especially pertinent to the Hispanic/Latino population at UVa. Submit all blurbs to exactly as you would like it to appear.

Table Tents

To advertise on table tents in the dining halls, email


List your event with Student Council on

CVILLE Calendar

List your event on

A/APA Newsletter

Send your blurb to by midnight on Sunday for inclusion in Monday morning’s newsletter. The A/APA Newsletter advertises events around grounds, student involvement opportunities, internships, jobs, and events that might be of interest to students.


  1. Email  Blurbs to
  2. Deadlines:
    Blurbs for Monday’s edition are due by SUNDAY at Midnight
    Blurbs for Thursday’s edition are due by WEDNESDAY at Midnight
    Anything later than midnight is LATE and the blurb will not be posted.  No exceptions.
  3. Format: Blurbs must be written in Times New Roman, 12 point font.  Any single blurb should not exceed 65 words.  Any “Event Weeks” should not exceed 120 words.  Blurbs that do not follow the correct format or exceed the word limitation will be self-edited.
  4. Please place “TW blurb” in the e-mail subject header to ensure your event e-mails are included in the postings.
  5. Informing the student body of any adjustments (additions, cancellations, etc.) to any specific event within TW will be the responsibility of the sponsoring organization.
  6. Submissions should be in “blurb” format. (Attachments are welcome) I ask that you take time to proofread your blurbs. Make sure you have provided the essentials: Date, Time, and Location.
  7. Your announcement (s) will be advertised on That’s Wassup for a maximum of two subsequent editions. Any conferences/special events requiring any early “preparations” will be given one additional posting the week of the event.
  8. That’s Wassup is sent out every Monday and Thursday by noon.
  9. **If you require any further explanation of any/all of these guidelines, please feel free to email Modifications to any/all of these guidelines are solely under my discretion. **

Flyer Posting in Newcomb Hall

Newcomb Hall Flyering Policy

Please not the Newcomb Hall flyering policy, and feel free to remove any flyers that do not meet the following general requirements:

  1. ONE posting per organization, per event, per board
  2. Flyers should not cover up other flyers (slight overlap is ok)
  3. Flyers may hang below the frame of the bulletin board (this is different from other University postering guidelines)
  4. All postings are removed on Sunday night