Delegation is an indispensable tool which must be grasped by leaders who expect to be successful. Your members are your greatest resource and they feel more invested and committed in your CIO if they take responsibility for group goals and projects.

Why Delegate?

  • It allows more people to be actively involved and increases their commitment
  • It distributes the workload and ensures completion of projects
  • It helps organizations run more smoothly
  • It decreases the chance of member burnout

What to Delegate:

  • Frequent or routine task that repeat themselves
  • Details that take up large chunks of time
  • Specialized tasks that you feel someone is particularly qualified to accomplish
  • Tasks that readily generate volunteers

How to Delegate:

  • Ask for volunteers or suggest someone you feel would be good for the task.  Consider time, interests, and capabilities
  • Once Delegated, be sure to explain the importance of the task, and the responsibilities which come with the task
  • Support your group members by opening the line of communication, providing help, giving sound feedback, and by con micromanaging

Don’t Delegate…

  • When someone is over or under qualified for the task
  • A task that is within your specific responsibility as an officer
  • A controversial issue/project: the “hot potato”
  • Something you yourself would not be willing to do

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