Evaluating Your CIO

Why Evaluate?

Organizational evaluation is an important part of the officer transition or goal setting process. Evaluations generally cost at the end of the year, or when new officers are elected. Consider the following when reviewing and reflection on your organization as a whole:


  • Review the group’s goals for the previous year and reconsider goals for the upcoming year.


  • Evaluate the number of members and their levels of involvement and to what extent the membership is serving the group.


  • Reflect on the nature of the meetings (both executive and general body). Consider if your group’s meeting times conflict with another’s, etc.

Outreach Activities

  • Evaluate the quantity and quality of other members’ participation, faculty participation and staff participation in the organization and/or its activities. Consider if your group is utilizing resources available by the University to the fullest extent.

Public Image

  • Evaluate how your group is perceived by the students, faculty, the community and determine what, if anything should be done to change your groups image.


  • Evaluate the effectiveness and popularity of the group’s programs and activities

Wrap-Up Questions

  • Currently, what are the major strengths of our organization? What are the major weaknesses?

“Officer Transition: Organization Evaluation Form” UVA LEAD