Follow these four steps for successful fundraising:

Step One—Brainstorm Ideas

  • Get your CIO together to throw out fundraising ideas. Write down all ideas, no matter how unrealistic, on a whiteboard or flip-pad where everyone can see them
  • Afterwards go through and start eliminating ideas that are unfeasible

Step Two—Plan Strategy

  • Establish a realistic goal
  • Establish a budget
  • Advertise to ensure lots of people are involved (see Advertising one-sheet for tips)
  • Learn university rules and regulations to prevent unexpected losses*
  • Evaluate the fundraiser, discuss possible changes to improve the next time.

Step Three—Consider Alternate Sources of Funding

Step Four—Solicit a Fundraiser

  • CIOs seeking solicitation/fundraising approval should submit a request online at or in person to the Newcomb Event Planning Office
  • Go to  atUVa > Campus Links > EVENT POLICIES: Sales, Solicitation and Student Organization Funding Policy

*ALL groups should contact the Event Planning Office before attempting any fundraising activities to insure compliance with University rules and regulations


Possible Ideas for a Fundraiser


  • Alumni donations
  • A-thons (dance, run, swim, walk)
  • Auctions
  • Sales (bagels, donuts, balloons, flowers)
  • Car Wash
  • Concession stand at a football or soccer game (email Aramark at or call at 434-243-4370)

Visit atUVa or contact the Student Activities Center at