Recruitment and Retention

New members offer fresh ideas, new talent and longevity to an organization. Having an effective recruitment and retention plan is essential for the long term success of any CIO


  • Know and understand the goals and purpose of your organization
  • Set recruitment goals—How many people do you wish to recruit? What sort of characteristics would an ideal new member possess? What sort of programming will draw our target members?
  • Get the current membership involved. They are the current face of the CIO!
  • Design a visual element—use members’ artistic talents to create a memorable PR plan


  • Contact people who show interest early! Within one week is best
  • Make it fun! CIO involvement shouldn’t be a burden
  • Hold a socially-centered welcome event
  • Make the first formal meeting fun
  • Work and play together
  • Get the new members involved immediately
  • Orient the new members by introducing the mission, goals, norms, traditions of the CIO
  • Get to know the members by planning icebreakers, etc. Remember their names!
  • Show appreciation for the members

Ways to Show Appreciation:

  • Be open to suggestions
  • Give members responsibilities
  • Hand out creative awards/certificates
  • Have an ice cream social/pizza party
  • Send someone to a workshop/conference
  • Give prizes
  • Identify potential
  • Build on strengths
  • Name an award after a member
  • Announce Kudos

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