Starting a New CIO

A CIO is a Contracted Independent Organization, that is, the CIO exists and operates independently of the University. The CIO is not an agent, servant or employee of the University, but rather is an independent contractor which manages its own affairs

A few things to consider before creating a new CIO:

  • Do other organizations currently exist that might address similar interests or a similar purpose which you hope to achieve with your new CIO?
  • The organization’s main officer as well as at least 51% of the members of the CIO must be full-time, fee paying University students
  • Each CIO must maintain a constitution and save it on atUVa. A constitution template is provided in the registration if you do not have one prior to the submission process

Process of creating a new CIO:

  • Visit atUVa to submit your organizations information
  • The Vice-President of Organizations for Student Council and the Office of the Dean of Students will review your submission. *Club sports require a third review from the representative of Intramural-Recreational Sports.
  • The Vice-President of Organizations for Student Council will meet with the organization to discuss the CIO.  After meeting with the organization, the VPO will present the organization to the Representative Body of Student Council for approval. * The time for this process can vary depending on meetings, constitutional corrections, use of the University’s name, and meeting with the VPO.
  • Once a CIO has been approved, the President will be notified via atUVa messaging system.  CIOs will need to attend a Treasurer’s meeting and HOO’s In the Know? New CIO Workshop.  *Emails will be sent out to new CIOs about meeting times.

A few resources available for active CIOs:

  • Listserv for your CIO through ITC. Register
  • Several banks offer free checking accounts to CIOs at UVA. Visit Business Services in Newcomb Room 442 for more information.
  • The atUVa website has a link to a number of funding resources available to CIOs (.pdf).