Use atUVa to get involved.

Interested in finding out about the multitude of student organizations at UVA? Go to atUVa, log in using your UVA email ID, then click on the “organizations” tab to see the list of organizations at UVA.  From the organizations page, you can search for groups alphabetically, using any part of the organization name in the search box or by organization category. If you are looking for a group that does service, you would search by the service category. If you wanted to find the University Programs Council, you could search under “u,” and if you wanted to find Student Council you could type either word in their name into the search box.

Once you have found an organization that you think is interesting and you may want to join, you can click on that organization’s page and from there request to join. An email will be sent to the primary contact for the organization who can then accept your request or respond to you with the process of how to get involved.

Another way atUVA can help you in your quest to get involved is through matching your interests to those of student organizations. When you set up your profile, you will be asked to choose your interests.  Student organizations are also given the opportunity to select their interests. You will receive a list of all of the organizations that match your interests and then you can choose to request membership in one or more of those matching groups.

Get involved by going to