Academic Resources

Academic resources for current students are many and varied, and include academic advisors, academic deans, individual faculty members, undergraduate research opportunities and many others. Take the time to talk with your academic advisor (general advisor or major advisor) about your academic plans, goals and questions. Build connections with your individual professors through office hours. These women and men are great resources for specific course questions as well as longer term academic pursuits (research, graduate school) and future careers ideas.

For questions or concerns that are primarily non-academic (or that are negatively affecting your academic progress), there is a staff member in the Office of the Dean of Students whose responsibilities include serving as a general resource for transfer students, throughout their time at the University, for a broad array of questions, concerns and problems. Laurie Casteen, Associate Dean of Students, can be reached at (434) 924-7133 or via email at for quick questions, or for making an appointment for more complex matters. If she cannot personally assist you with your concern, she can refer you directly to the correct office/person/resource to help you.

Your academic advisor, academic dean and school registrar staff will be of great assistance to you throughout your time at UVa. You will meet with your academic advisor (often a general advisor until a major program is declared, at which point many students shift to a major advisor in their new home department) regularly, and may be referred to an academic dean for larger issues. Transfers in the College of Arts and Sciences work with Association Dean Frank Papovich ( in addition to their general advisor or major advisor.

Schools and Colleges within the University for Undergraduate Students

College of Arts and Sciences
Curry School of Education
Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy
McIntire School of Commerce
School of Architecture
School of Engineering and Applied Science
School of Nursing

If you need help in a particular subject, there are several opportunities for tutoring. Some departments offer tutoring sessions free of charge while others maintain lists of individuals who can be independently contracted by a student for a fee. The English Department offers the Writing Center which can be accessed by all UVa students free of charge.

Tutoring Services
Writing Center
Academic Skills Workshop

The University Bookstore offers the opportunity to rent or purchase new or used textbooks. They also have an online list of textbooks that professors have requested for their class for the upcoming term.

It can also be a great idea to shop around before purchasing your textbooks. Here are some websites that may be helpful in price comparison.

Cheap Textbooks

In addition to individual school registrars, the central University Registrar (UREG) offers a variety of services. Need to request a transcript, access Veteran’s benefits, or certify your enrollment? Then check out the Registrar’s Website!

Student Information System (SIS)
SIS is a web-based comprehensive student information system that you will use to register for classes, check your student account, change your contact information, view academic requirements and your progress toward them, print an unofficial transcript, check the status of holds or financial aid and access many other helpful functions.

January Term
January Term offers a variety of courses and programs for students to take advantage of before returning for their spring semester. Whether it is an On-Grounds course, a study abroad program, or undergraduate research seminars, January Term is a great way for students to take advantage of the few weeks in January leading up to the start of spring semester classes! Financial aid is available for students electing to complete J-Term.  Visit the Scholarships and Funding section of this website for more information.

Study Abroad
Studying abroad is a great way to experience a new culture, learn a new language, and travel to different parts of the world! There are great opportunities where you can study for a summer, semester or entire year! Financial aid is available for students electing to study abroad.  Visit the Scholarships and Funding section of this website for more information.

Summer Session
Summer session can be a great opportunity to catch up on credits for general education requirements or for your major. If you are thinking about taking a few classes over the summer the summer session website provides information on dates and costs for summer classes. Financial aid is available for summer session.  Visit the Scholarships and Funding section of this website for more information about aid eligibility.

Undergraduate Research
It is never too early to take part in undergraduate research opportunities, independently or under the guidance and mentorship of a faculty member. Visit the website for the Center for Undergraduate Excellence to begin learning about the breadth of opportunities available to you.  This office also serves as the institutional contact to national programs such as the Rhodes Scholar Program, Truman Scholar Program and many other such programs. You should also consult with individual faculty members about opportunities to assist in their research efforts as an assistant or lab researcher or in another capacity.

Internship Opportunities
An internship is a great way to get hands-on training in your field of interest and build connections with people who share your excitement about a particular career. More and more, employers are looking for graduates who have had meaningful experience in college. Visit University Career Services for information about ways to search for internships that best suit you.