Center for Alcohol and Substance Education
Susan Bruce

Susan Bruce

Center for Alcohol & Substance Education
University of Virginia
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Charlottesville, VA

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Center for Alcohol and Substance Education

As a unit of the Office of the Dean of Students, CASE supports the mission of the University by fostering community to promote student learning, growth, and citizenship. CASE supports peer education and provides presentations and consultation in order to increase knowledge of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug issues, and decrease the negative consequences associated with high-risk drinking and illegal drug use among UVA students.

Susan Bruce, M.Ed., is Director of the University of Virginia's Center for Alcohol and Substance Education. She has fifteen years of experience in collegiate health promotion and is principal investigator for a NIAAA grant to change the role of alcohol in the UVA fraternity and sorority culture. She is co-director of the NCAA-sponsored APPLE conferences.