On Stage

Opening November 13, 2014


by Lanford Wilson
Directed by Doug Grissom
Ruth Caplin Theatre
November 13-15, November 19-22 at 8pm

When a murder and assault rock a rapidly decaying mid-20th Century Missouri town, the question is not who did it, but why?  The process of answering this question peels back the layers and exposes a side of themselves the townspeople never wanted to see.  Pulitzer Prize winner Lanford Wilson’s 1966 play offers a fascinating, haunting, and enduring look at the difference between the people we think we are and the reality that rests closer to our often murky moral centers.  Read more

In the former mining town of Eldritch, Missouri, Lena Truit (Laura Elliott, left) reminisces about a happier and livelier time while her friend, Patsy Johnson (Anne Rowell, right), can't wait to get out of the stagnant town.

In the former mining town of Eldritch, Missouri, Lena Truit (Laura Elliott, left) reminisces about a happier and livelier time while her friend, Patsy Johnson (Anne Rowell, right), can’t wait to get out of the stagnant town.

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