Carlos Murillo -

March 24, 2011

U.Va. Drama welcomes as part of the RecentWorks Series
Carlos Murillo


Guest Artist Residency
Thursday, March 24, 2011


The acclaimed playwright will visit the U.Va. Drama Department and participate in class visits as well as the symposium and post-show discussion listed below.


Symposium- “Poke Me: Teens, Sex and Social Media”
Thursday, March 24, 2011
4 pm
Helms Theatre
Wine and Hors d ‘Oeuvres Reception to follow
Tickets are free and available through the U.Va. Arts Box Office,


In an era of the World Wide Web, texting and webcams, teenagers are encountering new and unique ways of exploring and testing the world around them. Friends and enemies are made, secret thoughts are revealed, and new identities are created all without leaving the privacy of a personal computer screen. But how is this altering our coming-of-age stories? How is this affecting our perspectives on sex and relationships? And, more importantly, how is the world adapting to this new form of ‘growing up?’



Poke Me: Teens, Sex, and Social Media is a symposium inspired by the topics addressed in the U.Va. Department of Drama’s production of dark play or stories for boys. This symposium will conduct a moderated discussion on how social media is impacting teenagers’ exploration of their own sexual expression and creating relationships with those around them. We will also delve into social media’s impact on how we, as a society, are adjusting (or should adjust) to this new aspect of adolescent development. Any and all are invited, and this informed conversation will be highlighted with panelists from the University and Charlottesville area who have significant knowledge about the related topics.



Amori Mikami, U.Va. Assistant Professor of Psychology
Carlos Murillo, dark play or stories for boys playwright
Andrea Press, Chair, Media Studies Dept., Professor of Sociology
Tyler Fortman, post-doctoral psychology intern at the U.Va. Center for Clinical Psychology Services;
Tom Christensen, U.Va. Undergraduate Student, Drama and American Studies
Andrew Cronacher, U.Va. Graduate Student, M.F.A. in Acting



Post-Show Discussion
with playwright Carlos Murillo, director Marianne Kubik and cast members
Thursday, March 24, 2011
Following the 8pm performance of dark play or stories for boys • Helms Theatre



The RecentWorks Series is supported by the Office of the Vice Provost for the Arts and the Provost’s Arts Enhancement Fund. Additional support for Carlos Murillo’s residency is provided by the Keenan Family Memorial Lecture Series.