Dance Minor

What is core to the dance program at UVa?

The Dance Minor at U.Va. is designed to give students a broad experience in the field of dance while focusing on the development of strong technical, creative, and articulate artists.  Coursework is intended to provide exposure to dance as an investigative, expressive art form through the study of the creative process in improvisation, composition, and performance, while simultaneously establishing dance as a field of somatic and theoretical research through courses in Laban Movement Analysis and Dance History/Criticism.  The goal of the program is to develop passionate and creative artists, as well as critical thinkers.  Opportunities to apply these skills are provided each semester when students choreograph and/or perform in student, faculty and guest-artist works.

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We encourage our students to probe and question their understanding of themselves and dance as a field of social and cultural study, in order to become more informed, articulate, well-rounded dance artists, and engaged members of their communities.

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In addition to the coursework, dance minors will be required to participate in 1-2 dance performances within the department.

Students are also provided with a wide range of opportunities.  Each year dance minors are given the opportunity to attend American College Dance Festival during which they participate in master classes, attend performances, network with other dance students and artists, and perform in pieces of choreography taken for adjudication.  Students are also exposed to master classes, guest choreographers, and  varied performance opportunities on Grounds.  Our performance venues vary.  In the past we have performed in our own productions in the Culbreth and Helms Theatres, in Drama Productions, at Piedmont Virginia Community College, and in site specific locations on Grounds and in the surrounding community.  Students are also encouraged to become involved with various student dance organizations on grounds.

Course Requirements

Modern Technique (2 credits)

DANC 2220 Modern Dance I (1)
DANC 3220 Modern Dance II (1)

Ballet Technique (1 credit) from

DANC 2210 Ballet I (1)
DANC 3210 Ballet II (1)

Jazz Technique (1 credit) from

DANC 2230 Jazz Dance I (1)
DANC 3230 Jazz Dance II (1)

History, Literature, Criticism (6 credits)

DANC 1400 The Art of Dance (3)

DANC 3400 Dance History (3)

Composition (4 credits)

DANC 2300 Dance Improvisation (2)
DANC 3300 Dance Composition (2)

Electives (4 credits) from

DANC 3610 Contact Improvisation (1)
DANC 3640 Dance for the Camera (3)
DANC 3630 Dance Theatre (3)
DANC 3620 Dance Repertory (1-3)
DANC 4640 Intro to Laban Movement Analysis (3)
MUEN 3690 African Drumming and Dance Ensemble (2)
DRAM 3440 Movement for Theatre (3)
DANC 4993 Independent Study; Dance (1-3)

Production (3 credits) from

DANC 3650 Dance Production (3)

Total credits required for the minor is 21.


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