In the event of an emergency, multiple communications methods will be deployed to reach as many people as possible.

Delays, Closings & Important News

What's Happening Bar

The What's Happening bar (near the top of the U.Va. Home Page) provides the most current and important information about U.Va. This bar includes the status of the Operating Schedule, a news headline when there is news you need to know, and current weather conditions for the Charlottesville area. The What's Happening bar refreshes every 2 minutes. To get more information, click anywhere on the bar to open the What's Happening panel.

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What's Happening Panel

The What's Happening panel includes the latest post to the UVA Today Blog and U.Va. Twitter feed, the full Operating Schedule, more news you need to know when available, the Charlottesville area weather forecast and Hazardous Weather Outlook. The Operating Schedule and news update themselves every 2 minutes, the weather information updates every 20 minutes.

  1. Operating Schedule: Whenever there is a change to the University's Operating Schedule, such as a snow delay, or altered bus routes that information will be posted in the What's Happening Panel.
  2. News You Need to Know: When there is important or urgent news from the University it will be featured in the What's Happening panel, otherwise the top story from UVA Today will display.
  3. Weather Right now in Charlottesville: This section is the current and upcoming weather forecast for the Charlottesville area. When there are weather alerts that information is also posted here.
  4. Hazardous Weather Outlook: This audio feed is maintained by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and is for the broader central Virginia area.

Imminent Threat

Popup Alert

In the event of a larger incident, a black popup box will appear on the home page alerting you of the incident and directing you to more information when it becomes available. The information in this popup box refreshes every minute. The U.Va. Alerts text messages automatically feed this popup, until more information can be posted.

Text Messages/RSS/Email through U.Va. Alerts

Sign up for U.Va. Alerts to get the earliest emergency notifications sent directly to you. If there is an imminent threat U.Va. Alerts is initiated. This system sends out immediate alerts that may be received by text message, RSS, email, and the Home Page popup.

You may subscribe to the U.Va. Critical Alerts RSS feed to receive messages through your email, news reader or your browser. Select your favorite RSS reader from below, or select the RSS icon below to use your browser. These RSS feeds can be read anywhere in the world using your favorite RSS reader on any Web enabled device.

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Sirens & Alarms

U.Va. utilizes audible signals to warn students, faculty, staff, and visitors on campus of impending emergency situations or hazardous conditions.

Emergency Siren: When you hear this siren you should immediately try to seek shelter in a secure location and follow any verbal instructions that accompany this alarm.

"All Clear" Horn: This horn indicates that it is now safe to resume normal activities on Grounds.

LCD Screens

LCD Screens have been placed around Grounds, and in the event of an emergency initial information and directions will be displayed on these screens.

Alternate Home Page

In the event of a critical emergency, the regular University home page will be replaced by an alternate streamlined version. This alternate version has a very quick download time so it may be accessed quickly and support a much increased traffic flow. The alternate version is specifically geared towards communicating emergency information, including the operating schedule and hazardous weather outlook. It also provides the users with the resources they would need in an emergency including basic instructions on what to do and what not to do in an emergency, and links to other resources.

Alternate URL

In the event of an emergency, if you are unable to load please refer to for the latest emergency information.

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