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About Employee Councils

The Employee Communication Councils are designed to facilitate two-way communication between senior administration and staff that allow employees to voice concerns and hear from senior administration regarding those issues.

How Does the Council Work?

Employee-Level Councils - Composed of elected representatives from various schools, the employee level councils meet to discuss employee issues and concerns, suggestions for improvements, etc. When necessary, the council then provides a resource or a contact from whom the employee may best find a solution; in most cases this resource person is invited to a meeting. Questions are asked by council representatives for a clearer understanding of the particular issue.

Executive Council - Comprised of chairs, vice chairs, and secretaries of each council, the executive council meets quarterly with the Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer to discuss issues from all four vice presidential communications councils.

What Do Employee Councils Do?

  • Serve as another means of communication between employees and senior administration.
  • Provide senior administration a means for becoming aware of employee issues.
  • Provide a medium for communication for staff across vice-presidential areas.
  • Provide senior administration the opportunity to explain rationale for existing policies and hear reactions to policies and procedures being considered/developed.

A Statement of the Employee Communication Councils Against Intolerance

On behalf of the Employee Communication Councils at the University of Virginia and those we represent, we affirm our commitment to the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, tolerance, and respect for all persons. We condemn discrimination — whether based on race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability — and state unequivocally that the mistreatment of any person or group has no place at the University of Virginia.