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Envisioning Integrity at the University of Virginia
Invigorating a Community of Trust

Proposed Phase II Initiatives
(Phase I initiatives will continue)

1. Envisioning Integrity (EI) Educator Training
EI Educators will be undergraduate and graduate students who will act as program ambassadors in residence halls, student organizations, graduate schools, and the University Community. They will receive training from business and education graduate students, as well as EI program staff to deliver information and insight into matters of ethics and integrity. They will be responsible for Dorm Talks, Roundtable Discussions, First Year Orientation, and outreach to the University's various schools.

2. Dorm Talks
Once per semester, EI Educators will visit each of the First-Year residence halls to discuss moral and ethical issues in the University Community. Such discussions will focus on ethical decision-making, practical dilemmas, and life within and beyond the University experience. EI will work closely with Residence Life to facilitate these discussions.

3. Roundtable Discussions
Three times per semester, EI Educators and/or EI staff will facilitate open forums (brown bag lunches) to discuss salient ethical issues facing the University Community. Topics will be selected based on community interest (e.g., plagiarism, racism, student self-governance, etc). These roundtables will be well advertised and will allow students to engage in open dialogue regarding the role of integrity at U.Va.

4. Film Series
Twice per semester, EI will host the screening of a film that focuses on ethical/moral issues. The screening will be preceded by a brief lecture/introduction by a speaker and/or faculty member. At the conclusion of the film, there will be an opportunity for discussion and debate.

5. Orientation
EI Educators/staff will participate in Summer Orientation. They will introduce parents and students to the University's role in educating students in matters of ethics and integrity. EI will work closely with the Office of Orientation and the Honor Committee to facilitate a program that complement's the Committee's discussion of the Honor System.

6. Dinner Forum
At least once per semester, EI will co-host a dinner forum with a graduate school (e.g. Darden School, Curry School, etc.). The dinner forum will consist of a speaker (preferably a member of the faculty) and discussion related to ethics in a particular field.

7. Teaching Resource Center (TRC) Seminar
Once per semester, EI and the Teaching Resource Center will co-host a seminar focusing on the practical application of honor and ethics in research and teaching. Seminar topics might include plagiarism, cheating, student/faculty relationships, etc.

8. Faculty Forums
Once per semester, EI and the Faculty Senate will co-sponsor an open forum in which the faculty may discuss important ethical issues in academic affairs. The forum may serve as a roundtable of sorts geared to promote dialogue among faculty from different disciplines. The emphasis will not be on the Honor System, but rather integrity as a concept.

Proposed Initiatives for Phase III

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