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Affirmative Action

The University of Virginia is committed to ensuring equal opportunity in access, employment and participation in the University's programs and activities. To fulfill its commitment as an equal opportunity employer as well as its legal obligations as a federal contractor, the University has adopted an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Statement and has established an Affirmative Action (AA) Program.

In the employment context, the University's Affirmative Action (AA) Program begins with annual written affirmative action plans prepared in accordance with federal regulations. An affirmative action plan is an analysis of data, both from within and outside the University, which identifies any areas within the University workplace where women and minorities are "underutilized." Areas of underutilization, in turn, become the focus of the University's "good faith efforts." "Good faith efforts" span recruitment, selection/hiring, promotion and retention processes. They may include, for example, using diverse recruiting sources, participating in job fairs, offering work-study programs, and/or providing career counseling.

But this is merely the starting-point. The University's AA Program extends beyond a pronouncement of good intentions and data analysis; it is intentional strategic efforts, programmatic initiatives and grass-roots projects, designed to recruit, hire and advance the best qualified individuals. The AA Program placement goals are used to measure the University's progress along a path of diversity, equity and inclusion, leading to fulfillment of the University's mission.

The University's Affirmative Action Plans are available for review at the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs, Monday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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