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Hiring and Recruiting Individuals with Disabilities

There are 18.3 million working age person with disabilities in the U.S. represented across all racial, gender, educational, and socioeconomic groups. Education and awareness remain two of the most important topics in disability employment. In fostering an inclusive environment for persons with a disability here at U.Va. it is important that we focus on the individual and their knowledge, skills, and ability, not disability.

The following list, while not exhaustive, may help you in your efforts to promote and include persons with disabilities in your area.

U.Va. Resources:

  • ADA Coordinator - The ADA Coordinator's web site has links to information about accommodation and disability services at the University. The site provides information on the procedure for requesting an workplace accommodation, information about DART (Demand and Response Transportation) services, and information on how employees can self-identify a disability.

  • Accessibility Map - The U.Va. Accessibility Map provides an interactive way to explore the University. The map highlights accessible building entrances, disabled parking locations, wheelchair accessible routes, and identifies areas that are partially accessible.

  • SDAC - The Student Disability Access Center is part of the Elson Student Health Center. This office provided direct services to students who need accommodations in the learning environment, but they also provide information for faculty and staff around how to make the curriculum and web sites accessible. The Center also provides consultations services for faculty working with students requesting an accommodation.

  • FEAP - The Faculty and Employee Assistance Program is a great resources for supervisors and employees. They can provide consultation and training on how to support persons with a disability as well as provide counseling services for all employees.

Recruitment Resources:

  • DRS - The Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services has an office in Charlottesville and currently works with over 800 clients in the area. The agency partners with several entities to provide employment services to both youth and adults with disabilities. DRS staff can complete job analyses, ergonomics assessments, disability awareness and workforce development services. Contact the Charlottesville office at 434-296-5621 to speak with a vocational counselor about highlighting your position with their service or to connect employees with their programs. DRS also has a strong partnership with the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center located in Fishersville.

  • WRP - The Workforce Recruitment Program for college students with disabilities is a free resource through which businesses and federal agencies nationwide can identify qualified temporary and permanent employees from a variety of fields. Employers may submit position descriptions online through a WRP request form and should expect to receive matched candidates for consideration within five business days. This program is provided through the Employers Assistance Resource Network.

  • - This recruitment resources is connected to Ability magazine and is the leading web site dedicated to employment of people with disabilities. AbilityJobs is a resume bank with tens of thousands of job seekers with disabilities, from entry level candidates to PHD's. The site is fee based.

  • - The mission of GettingHired is to create sustainable employment growth and opportunity for people with disabilities. This is an online portal and social networking forum that can help identify qualified candidates. This site is fee based.

  • Disaboom Jobs - Disaboomjobs is a site dedicated to posting jobs for people with disabilities. They site is fee based.

  • Vet Success - Vet Success is a program run through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. They offer services to all veterans including veterans with a disability. They sponsor hiring fairs and give employers the opportunity to post their positions.

Education Resources:

  • EARN - The Employer Assistance Resource Network is a great tool for learning more about workplace access, how to recruit and hire qualified persons with a disability, and how to foster an inclusive workplace. They offer free webinars on a variety of topics and often partner with the Job Accommodation Network on programming initiatives.

  • JAN - The Job Accommodation Network is the leading source for employers to get information about workforce accommodations. They often host free webinars about disability trends and how to make successful accommodations.

  • ODEP - The Office of Disability Employment Policy is part of the U.S. Department of Labor. This organization provides a great deal of information about workforce trends for persons with a disability, hosts free webinars about various topics, and partners with JAN and EARN on many projects. Importantly, the office hosts a "hiring toolkit" for employers committed to disability employment.

  • - is the federal government web site for comprehensive information on disability programs and services in communities nationwide.

  • America's Heroes at Work - America's Heroes at Work is an amazing educational tool. Included on the site are FAQs, fact sheets, and toolkits for hiring veterans. The site also offers information specific to hiring disabled veterans and online training for how to support individuals with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD).

  • - Disability scoop is an information and news source focused on developmental and intellectual disabilities. The web site also offers job posting services where the position is directly connected to work supporting the site's mission.

  • SHRM - The Society for Human Resource Management has many educational resources addressing the topics of recruitment and retention specific to the disability community under its diversity section.

  • National Organization on Disability - The National Organization on Disability is a private non-profit. They conduct research on many different aspects on disability employment policy and practice.