Surface Structure

Surface Crystallography

Class notes in Adobe Acrobat format are in this link: STRUCT.PDF

You may explore surface structures you specify in the Surface Explorer. Samples of interesting structures can be found in this gallery. A wide variety of surfaces of face-centered cubic (fcc) crystals is shown in  this site.  Some examples for fcc lattices are:

fcc111-1x1.gif (18289 bytes) fcc100-1x1.gif (20121 bytes) fcc110-1x1.gif (19413 bytes)

fcc(111) 1x1

fcc(100) 1x1

fcc(110) 1x1

Other Surfaces

bcc110+adsorbates.gif (17487 bytes)

fcc110+adsorbates.gif (17131 bytes)

fcc110-1x2.gif (20993 bytes)

bcc(100) adsorbate sites

fcc(100) with high-symmetry adsorbate sites

fcc(110) 1x2

Additional material on surface structure is this chapter by Prutton, Surface Physics (Oxford Univ. Press, 1994) can be downloaded from here.

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