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Jerry Floro, Co-Chair

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Which faculty participate in the EP program?
How do I find an advisor?

How are EP students funded?


Who will I be able to work for? Which faculty participate in the program?

The Engineering Physics program is open ALL faculty, however, they must have a project opening for which the academic requirements correspond to the physics, engineering, and mathematical components required by the EP program. The program's inherent flexibility appeals to both students and faculty. Students should look and think broadly about the opportunities the program allows. There is a list below of faculty that have previously participated.

Which faculty currently have an EP student working in his/her research group?

The best way to find out who currently has EP students in their group is look on our current student page.

How do I find an advisor?

Once admitted, students should contact the program directors. Each year opening in research groups vary. Faculty from SEAS, Arts and Science, and the Medical School who are interested often will contact the program directors. Admitted students may also contact interested faculty, but it is recommended that when doing so they contact the program directors as well.[top]

Which faculty have previously had EP students?

A partial list is below:


Biomedical Engineering
Stuart Berr
John Hossack
Jack Knight-Scott
Craig Meyer

Chemical Engineering
Matthew Neurock

James N. Demas
A. Ian Harrison
Donald F. Hunt

Electrical Engineering
Thomas W. Crowe
Boris Gelmont
Tatiana Globus
Lloyd R. Harriott
Art Litchenberger

Materials Science and Engineering
Sean Agnew
Raul A. Baragiola
John Dorning
James Fitz-Gerald
James Groves
James Howe
Robert Hull
Robert E. Johnson
William C. Johnson
Robert Kelly
Petra Reinke
Gary Shiflet
William A. Soffa
Hayden Wadley
Stuart Wolf
Giovanni Zangari
Leonid Zhigilei

Mechanical Engineering
Harsha K. Chelliah
George T. Gillies
Gabriel Laufer
James C. McDaniel
Pamela M. Norris

Robert Jones
Blaine Norum
Olivier Pfister
Joseph Poon
Charles Sackett
Bellave S. Shivaram

Radiation Oncology
Ke Sheng

James R. Brookeman
Frederick Epstein
Bijoy Kundu
Mark Williams