Research Groups:

All MSE faculty

Some faculty from Mechanical and Electrical and Computer Engineering


Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Track

Physics and materials science and engineering are two disciplines which have a long-standing, cross-disciplinary tradition.  Researchers studying materials often invoke fundamental concepts of physics as they apply the materials science paradigm which links a material’s structure, properties, and synthesis with the material’s performance. Materials science and engineering researchers use the fundamental and deep understanding of the materials science paradigm to improve the electronic, mechanical, physical, optical, and magnetic properties of existing materials, and to develop new materials. 

Students enrolled in this track could be advised by faculty members in the MSE department, and those with materials-focused research in Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Physics. This is reflected in the strong interest of faculty to recruit EP students into their research groups.

Materials Science and Engineering Core Courses

Students on the MSE track will usually take at least three of the four core classes, which define the MSE core curriculum, in addition to courses, which support their research interests.

MSE 6010: Electronic and Crystal Structure of Materials
MSE 6230: Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibria of Materials
MSE 6240: Kinetics of Transport and Transformation in Materials
MSE 6020: Defects and Microstructure in Materials

examples of other courses frequently taken by Materials-oriented EP students:

MSE 6270: Introduction to Atomistic Simulations
MSE 6170: Electronic, Magnetic and Optical Properties of Materials
PHYS 5620: Solid State Physics

Physics Core Courses
note: at least one of these course packages has to be completed

Quantum Mechanics I and II PHYS 7610 (Fall) PHYS 7620 (Spring)
Theoretical Mechanics /
Statistical Mechanics
PHYS 7010 (Fall) PHYS 7210 (Spring)
Electricity and Magnetism I/II       PHYS 7410 (Fall) PHYS 7420 (Spring)


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