Research Groups

Avik Ghosh (ECE)
Petra Reinke (MSE)
Jerrold Floro (MSE)
Jiwei Lu (MSE)
David Green (ChemE)
Joshua Choi (ChemE)
Patrick Hopkins (MAE)



Nanoscience, and Engineering is everywhere around us - in the last decade our knowledge of the Nano-world has grown rapidly and it is now possible to make nano-structures with incredible complexity and a multitude of functionalities. From the nanoparticle used in solar cells to the water-repellent coating and the nano-electromechanical device weighing single molecules - the opportunities are exciting. Nanoscience and Engineering is by its very nature highly inter-disciplinary and as such many EP students work in this area, and have advisors in different engineering departments, and in physics. For example, several groups in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science study the synthesis of nanomaterials and their chemical reactivity, while students in Electrical and Computer Engineering focus on building circuits of 2D materials such as graphene or study molecular electronics. Check out the links below to see the breadth of work done in Nanoscience!

Physics Core Courses
note: at least one of these course packages has to be completed by all EP students

Quantum Mechanics I and II PHYS 7610 (Fall) PHYS 7620 (Spring)
Theoretical Mechanics /
Statistical Mechanics
PHYS 7010 (Fall) PHYS 7210 (Spring)
Electricity and Magnetism I/II       PHYS 7410 (Fall) PHYS 7420 (Spring)


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