Research Groups

Pam Norris (MAE)
Patrick Hopkins (MAE)
Joe Poon (Physics)
Despina Louca (Physics)
Leo Zhigilei (MSE)


Thermophysics and Heat Transfer Processes Track

Tailoring the transport of heat in materials has emerged in the last decade as one of the critical processes in many applications from thermoelectrics to photovoltaic devices and heat sinks in electronic circuits. One of the major limitations to building more powerful computers is not lack of faster transistors but our ability to keep them cool enough to function properly. Understanding the fundamental aspects of heat transfer and thermophysics is key to engineer new structures and materials, which can be adapted to the desired function. Several research group focus on this multi-disciplinary challenge, which requires students to study the physics of thermal transport and translate this knowledge to the design the best possible thermal management systems and materials.

Courses recommended for this track:

MAE 6120: Microscale Heat Transfer
MAE 6100: Thermomechanics
MSE 6270: Introduction to Atomistic Simulations
MSE 6230: Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibria of Materials
PHYS 5620: Solid State Physics
PHYS 8320: Statistical Mechanics II

Physics Core Courses
note: at least one of these course packages has to be completed by all EP students

Quantum Mechanics I and II PHYS 7610 (Fall) PHYS 7620 (Spring)
Theoretical Mechanics /
Statistical Mechanics
PHYS 7010 (Fall) PHYS 7210 (Spring)
Electricity and Magnetism I/II       PHYS 7410 (Fall) PHYS 7420 (Spring)


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