Collaboration, Communication, & Engagement Committee

Committee Charge

COLLABORATION, COMMUNICATION, & ENGAGEMENT (CCE) serves the Faculty Senate and the University community as a bridge connecting various constituencies by planning meetings, facilitating conversations, and empowering leaders to move forward in support of University-wide initiatives and shared governance.

Recognized leaders from each of the eleven schools, along with the current Senate Chairs, make up this team of strategic thinkers and doers. Composed of both sitting Senators and faculty at large, this team brings together strong leaders with a global vision who stand for our mutual goals across schools and among faculties.

Intended to be a think tank meeting two or three times per term, together this team will brainstorm university-wide strategies to lead the Faculty Senate forward. The agenda will be set in response to current challenges with pro-active commitment to successful exchange.


Members (2014-2015)

School Name Title Phone
Chair Gweneth West (Arts & Sciences) Professor of Drama; Former Faculty Senate Chair 924-8965
School of Architecture Beth Meyer NFS Dean 924-7019
School of Architecture Shiqiao Li Professor
College of Arts & Sciences Cassandra Fraser Professor 924-7998
College of Arts & Sciences Janet Horne Associate Professor of French 924-7742
Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy / College of Arts and Sciences Leora Friedberg Associate Professor 924-3225
Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy Christine Mahoney NFS Associate Professor of Public Poilcy and Politics 243-3727
Curry School of Education Joe Garofalo, ex officio Associate Professor and Co-Director, Center for Technology; Chair, Faculty Senate 924-0845
Darden School of Business Melissa Thomas-Hunt NFS Associate Professor of Business Administration 924-4802
School of Law George Cohen Brokaw Professor of Corporate Law 924-3814
McIntire School of Commerce Bob Kemp NFS Ramon S. Breeden, Sr., Research Professor 924-3482
McIntire School of Commerce Rob Patterson Assistant Professor 924-6169
School of Medicine Chris Holstege, ex officio Professor; Immediate Past Chair, Faculty Senate 924-5185
School of Medicine Nina Solenski, Ex officio Associate Professor, Neurology; Chair-elect, Faculty Senate 924-2783
School of Nursing Kathryn Laughon Associate Professor, Nursing 924-1985
School of Continuing and Professional Studies Barbara Kessler NFS Director of Human Resources 243-5337
Ex-Officio Jennifer Stertzer NFS Associate Editor, Papers of George Washington; Chair, General Faculty Council Communications Committee 924-3569


Board of Visitors Faculty Consultants (2013-2014)

Area of Consult School Name Title Phone
Student Affairs College of Arts & Sciences Dennis Proffitt NFS Professor, Department of Psychology 924-0655
Building & Grounds School of Architecture Tim Beatley NFS Chair, Department of Urban and Environmental Planning 924-6457
Audit McIntire School of Commerce Adelaide Wilcox King NFS Associate Professor, Commerce 924-4048
Finance Darden School of Business Martin Davidson Professor, Darden Graduate School of Business 924-4483

NFS = Not a member of the Faculty Senate
According to Faculty Senate by-laws: “The Senate may provide for membership on a standing committee by persons who are not members of the Senate, but the chair of the committee and a majority of its members must in all cases be elected members of the Senate.”