Executive Council

Membership and term in office:

As specified in the constitution and by-laws of the Senate: “The Executive Council shall consist of the President of the University, ex officio; the Provost of the University, ex officio; the immediate Past Chair of the Senate; the Chair of the Senate; the Chair-Elect of the Senate; seven at-large members elected from the Senate who serve for a [staggered] three-year term; and the chairs of the standing committees of the Senate.”


The Executive Council, as specified in the Constitution, has the responsibility for determining and publishing the number of Senate seats to which each school is entitled, setting the agenda for the meetings of the Senate, appointing members and chairs of standing and ad hoc committees, and acting on behalf of the Senate when there is a need for prompt action.

The Executive Council’s activities are central to making the Faculty Senate a substantial partner in University planning. Each spring the Council will organize a meeting to consider major institutional issues and will select a few for consideration by the Senate in the following academic year. Prior to the beginning of each academic year, the Council will meet with the President and Provost to review emerging institutional planning issues and to discuss priorities for the agenda in the year ahead. The Council will report on and/or propose to the Senate action on matters of university planning that affect the academic, physical, and aesthetic resources, issues, and policies of the University. The Council will serve as the coordinator for the Senate’s role in the implementation of the University’s Self-Study and will similarly review the implementation of recommendations of other standing and ad hoc committees. The Council will advise and consult with the President on matters pertaining to the University’s relationship to the Commonwealth and other external bodies. As necessary the Council will appoint ad hoc or standing committees to assist in the performance of its duties. The Council or a subcommittee will annually offer suggestions for nominations to the Board of Visitors.

Members (2016-2017)