Faculty Grievances Committee


The purpose of this committee is to investigate and resolve grievances brought by members of the University faculty against colleagues and/or administrators with whom the complaining party has professional relations. A full description of the grievance procedures is given in the document entitled Faculty Grievance Policies and Procedures, which was last amended by the Senate on March 4, 2014.

Procedure for Disciplinary Suspension or Termination of Academic Faculty

Members (2014-2015)

Name Title School Phone
Thomas Nachbar, Chair Professor Law 924-7588
Michael Atchison Professor and Director, BS in Commerce Program Commerce 924-7093
Donna Chen Assistant Professor Medicine 243-5804
Thomas Cropley Professor Medicine 924-5115
Daniel Ehnbom Associate Professor Arts & Sciences 924-6130
William Keene Research Professor Arts & Sciences 924-0586
Jennifer Kirby Assistant Professor Medicine 982-6451
John Miller Arthur F and Marian W Stocker Professor of Classics & Chair Arts & Sciences 924-3008
Peter Norton Assistant Professor Engineering 243-8794
Mimi Riley Professor Law 924-4671
James Sutphen Professor Medicine 924-2457
Kathryn Thornton Professor Engineering 982-3079
Adrienne Ward Associate Professor Arts & Sciences 924-7542
Joe Garofalo, ex officio Chair, Faculty Senate, Associate Professor and Co-Director, Center for Technology Curry School of Education 924-0845
Nina Solenski, ex officio Chair-elect, Faculty Senate, Associate Professor Medicine 924-2783
Chris Holstege, ex officio Immediate Past Chair, Faculty Senate, Associate Professor Medicine 924-5185

NFS = Not a member of the Faculty Senate
According to Faculty Senate by-laws: “The Senate may provide for membership on a standing committee by persons who are not members of the Senate, but the chair of the committee and a majority of its members must in all cases be elected members of the Senate.”