Planning Committee

Established 8 April 2004

The Strategic Planning process that began in 2012 established principles and processes for ensuring the University’s excellence. The Faculty Senate takes a particular interest in assuring the excellence of the University and its programs through sound academic planning, administrative restructuring and private philanthropy, especially in essential areas that transcend the interests of the individual schools.


At least seven members appointed by the Executive Council. The chair of the committee is a member of the Executive Council.

Standing Charge

To consult with the Senior Vice Provost for Strategic Planning, the Executive Vice President and Provost, the Senior Vice President for University Advancement, the President, and other Vice Presidents concerning academic plans and philanthropic goals and priorities, especially pan-University initiatives; to marshal faculty resources to assist the University toward realizing its strategic planning goals; and to act as a faculty liaison for aligning planning goals and fund-raising initiatives to the Office of the Provost and the Office of University Development.

For 2014-15, the Planning Committee will continue to work closely with the Senior Vice Provost for Strategic Planning to identify faculty-initiated programs and policies that can support the Strategic Plan’s ongoing implementation process. As appropriate, we will develop and recommend programs and policies for adoption at the Department, School and University level. We will also identify and invite additional Senators and non-Senators to join the Planning Committee based on expertise and interest in consultation with the Senior Vice Provost for Strategic Planning.

Members (2014-2015)

Name Title School Phone
Rae Blumberg, Co-Chair William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor Arts & Sciences
Jeffrey Corwin, Co-Chair Professor Medicine
Ellen Bassett Associate Professor Architecture
Howard Goodkin Assistant Professor Medicine
William Kehoe O’Dell Professor of Commerce Commerce
William Lucy NFS Lawrence Lewis Jr Professor of Planning Architecture
Mark Sochor Associate Professor Medicine
Joe Garofalo, ex officio Chair, Faculty Senate
Associate Professor and
Co-Director, Center for Technology
Curry School of Education
Nina Solenski, ex officio Chair-elect, Faculty Senate
Associate Professor
Chris Holstege, ex officio Immediate Past Chair, Faculty Senate
Associate Professor
Milton Adams, ex officio Senior Vice Provost for Strategic Planning
Betsy Ackerson, ex officio Project Manager for Strategic Planning

NFS = Not a member of the Faculty Senate
According to Faculty Senate by-laws: “The Senate may provide for membership on a standing committee by persons who are not members of the Senate, but the chair of the committee and a majority of its members must in all cases be elected members of the Senate.”