U.Va. Faculty & Staff Guide

Other Useful Links

University Bookstore

The University of Virginia Bookstore, a self-supporting, non-profit organization, is owned and operated by the University. It is dedicated to supporting academic programs and student life at the University by providing students, faculty and the University community excellent customer service, convenient store location and hours of operation, and a wide range of competitively priced merchandise. It is the University’s main outlet for textbooks, general books, insignia merchandise and school, dorm and apartment accessories and supplies.


Catering offers an outstanding array of food and beverage selections designed to meet the varied needs of the community.

Cavalier Advantage Card

Cavalier Advantage is an account on your student, faculty, or staff ID card. The account is activated once funds have been deposited with the University. Cavalier Advantage eliminates the need to carry coins and offers value in addition to convenience.

Cavalier Computers

Cavalier Computers offers computer products, software, and more for faculty, staff, and students at the University of Virginia.

Cavalier Daily

A student publication for the University of Virginia.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management provides timely, cost-effective quality facilities management for the University.


Collab is a collaborative environment based on the Sakai community source software. It is a set of software tools designed to help instructors, researchers, and students create websites for collaboration. Using a web browser, users choose from a set of features to create a site that meets their needs.

Faculty Opinions

A web page dedicated to faculty opinions.

Forms Directory

The Forms Directory contains electronic versions of many forms commonly used at the University.

Health System Computing Services (Intranet)

Access to this site requires either your HS/CS or ITC managed login account.

University Information Technology and Communications (ITC)

ITC provides and promotes the information technology and communication bridge between the University community and its goals.

Integrated System

A tool used for procurement, payroll, and financial information.

University Library

Fourteen libraries serve the University’s undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs. The libraries house 4.8 million books, 46,700 subscriptions, 70,000 electronic texts, and 10.3 million pages of manuscripts. The Electronic Text Center develops and maintains a collection of electronic texts, including materials in fifteen languages. Special Collections holds some 12 million items including original manuscripts of the works of many major American writers.

The Link

The LINK is a publication for employees, faculty, students, volunteers, donors, and patients and their families of the University of Virginia Health System.

University Mail Services

University Mail Services provide the University of Virginia community with timely and accurate handling, distribution and processing of Messenger and U.S. Mail.

Material Management Medical Center (Intranet)

Access to this site requires either your HS/CS or ITC managed login account.

Out and About

A list of resources of things to do in Charlottesville

Patent Office

The University of Virginia Patent Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation that evaluates intellectual property generated in the course of research at UVA, seeks to protect those inventions that show commercial potential, and licenses those rights to industry. The Patent Foundation thus serves to promote the entry of UVA technologies into the commercial marketplace, an endeavor that is designed to generate royalty income used to fund additional research at UVA.

Payroll Calendar

On Sept. 14, 2009, the University is moving all staff to a bi-weekly pay schedule. Faculty will remain on a monthly schedule. For more information about this change, visit https://is-sswa.admin.virginia.edu:8090/oa_servlets/AppsLogin.

Payslip (Online)

Payslip (Online), is a secure, personal statement of earnings, benefits, deductions, and leave taken in each pay period.

University Police

The University of Virginia Police Department strives to maintain a safe and secure environment for members of the student body, faculty, staff, and the general public of the Charlottesville area.

Policy Directory

A directory of all university academic policies.

Printing & Copying

Printing & Copying, is a department within the university that provides various printing and copying services to departments at the University of Virginia.

Research at U.Va.

A website dedicated to resources, tools, and news based on the University of Virginia research.

Surplus Property

University property considered surplus, excess, or unwanted (with the exceptions of computers and related electronic data storage devices) is disposed of through the Surplus Property Program.

Teaching Resource Center

Teaching Resource Center (TRC) is a pan-University center for collegial community and committed conversation about teaching at all levels and in all academic disciplines.

UVa Today

A publication for university faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents, families and employees.

Work Related Travel (Academic)

Procurement Services policies and procedures regarding travel apply to anyone traveling for properly approved University business purposes, with the two exceptions noted below. It is not necessary that the traveler have a position with the University.