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Accounts Receivable

Departments That Extend Credit and Bill for Sales of Goods and Services

The University encourages departments to collect the payment in full on or before goods and services are provided to customers. When credit must be extended, the department is encouraged to use the Accounts Receivable (AR) Department for their receivables billing and collections. By utilizing the Integrated System, the AR Department is able to fully meet the state’s guidelines for management of receivables which eliminates the need for an independent billing systems supported and funded by the individual departments.

Occasionally a department finds it beneficial to extend credit and bill the customer directly. In these instances, departments must request authorization to establish their own billing and receivable system by contacting the AR Department.

For additional information about the University of Virginia's Accounts Receivable Department, please contact us at: , or call 434-924-7180, FAX 434-924-1034.