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Accounts Receivable

Collection Processes

Accounts Receivable (AR) utilizes our standard processes and Collection Tools when collecting on invoices entered into the Integrated System by a Billing Department.

The standard process for collecting invoices includes:

  • Issuing the first invoice within one business day from the Billing Department entry;
  • Sending a collection letter at 15 days past due;
  • Contacting the customer if the amount is over $1,000.00
  • Sending a collection letter at 30 days past due;
  • Contacting the customer to prompt payment;
  • Sending a Final Demand collection letter at 45 days past due;
  • Entering the debt in the Set-Off Debt Collection (SODC) program at 60 days past due; and
  • Assigning the debt to a collection agency if the amount is over $200.00 at the discretion of the AR Manager or at 120 days past due.

Additional collection efforts are utilized as needed, including additional customer phone calls and faxing delinquent invoices.

For additional information about the University of Virginia's Accounts Receivable Department, please contact us at: , or call 434-924-7180, FAX 434-924-1034.