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Accounts Receivable

Frequently Asked Questions: Customers

  • I received an invoice from your office, but I don’t know what it’s for. What should I do?
    • Please contact us at 434-924-7180 or by email at: . In many cases, we may be referring you to the appropriate person in the University department that initiated the invoice to obtain the information necessary to answer your question(s).

  • I have to make a payment for my child’s tuition, can I use the EPay@UVA payment gateway?
    • No, payments made through the EPay@UVA gateway are not connected to student accounts. If you are making a payment for a student charge (tuition, etc.), they MUST be made using the student payment gateway, QuikPay@UVA through the Student Information System (SIS). Contact the Student Financial Services Call Center at 434 982-6000 or visit their website at for assistance in paying a student charge.

  • When is my invoice due?
    • In upper right corner of the original invoice you will find several pieces of information including: Customer Number, Transaction Number, Transaction Date, and Due Date. Payments should be received on or prior to the due date to avoid further collection efforts. Payments by credit card or eCheck through EPay@UVA are applied the same day.

  • Do you take credit cards?
    • Accounts Receivable accepts payments through EPay@UVA by any of the four major credit card brands; VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Please see our payments page for details on making an online payment.

  • How do I notify the Accounts Receivable Office of a change in name or address?
    • You can notify Accounts Receivable of a change in name and/or address by letter or email. Please include both the old contact information and the new information along with the Customer Number from a previous invoice. You should also notify the department that issued the original invoice of the change of information prior to your next purchase.

      • P.O. Box 400194
        1001 N. Emmet St.
        Carruthers Hall
        Charlottesville, VA 22904-4194
        FAX #: 434-924-1034 Attn: Accounts Receivable

  • I can’t pay in full right now, what should I do?
    • As a state agency, the University of Virginia is required to take all appropriate actions to collect outstanding accounts receivable. If we only receive a partial payment or no payment by the due date we must continue collection activities, which could include having your account referred to the SODC program or a collection agency which may impact your credit ratings negatively. Please call us at 434-924-7180 to discuss the problem.

  • I got an invoice from the University of Virginia Health System (either the Medical Center or the University Physicians Group (UPG) what should I do?
    • The UVA Health System is separate from the academic departments of the University of Virginia. Both types of invoices issued by the UVA Health System should contain payment instructions including mailing addresses and contact information. If the University Accounts Receivable Department receives a payment intended for the UVA Health System (either the Medical Center or the Physicians Group), we are required to return it to the sender.

  • I received an invoice for a returned check, why did I get this bill, and why is there an extra charge of $50.00?
    • In most instances when you issued a check to the University it was for the purchase of goods and/or services or perhaps the payment of a fine. At that time, the intent was for payment in-full and not to extend credit and create an account receivable. Unfortunately when the check was returned by the bank, the University had no choice but to create an account receivable for the amount of the debt (check) and begin the billing process since as a state agency, we are required to take all appropriate actions to collect outstanding receivables. The $50.00 charge was added to help defray the additional costs to the University for collecting this debt such as the bank charges and the costs to the various departments involved in collecting the accounts receivable. If the invoice including the $50.00 returned check fee is not received by the due date, it will result in our taking further collection activities, which could include having your account referred to the SODC program or a collection agency. These actions may impact your credit ratings negatively. Please contact us at: if you have further questions.

  • I made payment on my invoice but I’m still getting letters demanding payment, what should I do?
    • First, you will need to have proof of payment such as the receipt from the EPay system for payments by credit card payment or e-check or a copy of the cancelled check. Please be prepared to provide the Customer Number and Transaction Number from the invoice in question. This information will be helpful to have these when you contact us in order to “track” the application of your payment in the AR system. Next, please contact us at us at 434-924-7180 or by email at to discuss the problem.

  • My credit rating is being affected because I didn’t pay an invoice on time, how can I correct this?
    • The Accounts Receivable department makes several attempts to collect the outstanding debt before it is referred to a collection agency. Once the invoice is past the due date, all of the notices contain a warning as to our collection efforts and what could happen if the amount is not paid timely. Once the account is turned over to a collection agency, the collection agency that now owns your referred debt often notifies credit rating agencies as part of their collection process. Once a debt is referred to a collection agency, the University of Virginia Accounts Receivable Office and the original department do not have the ability to alter or remove a comment from a credit report.

    For additional information about the University of Virginia's Accounts Receivable Department, please contact us at: , or call 434-924-7180, FAX 434-924-1034.