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Accounts Receivable

The Set-Off Debt Collection (SODC) Program

If you are a customer and have received a letter stating that we have held funds being sent to you from the State, we realize that you may have some questions on what this program is and how it works.

You may have already read that the main purpose of the Set-Off Debt Collection (SODC) program is to collect unpaid debts by holding payments being coordinated through the State, and that all debts over 60 days past due are entered into this system. As a State agency, we are required to utilize this resource for collecting on our delinquent accounts.

The University's Process for utilizing the SODC Program

  1. Prior to being entered into the SODC program, we ensure each account has had several notifications sent to the customer.
  2. We then enter our "claim" into SODC, which gives us a reference number in case the State is able to "match" our claim to an outgoing payment.
  3. We continue with other collection efforts until we are notified that our claim has been matched to an outgoing payment to the customer.
  4. If we receive notification that a claim is matched, we verify whether or not we have already received payment on that debt.
    • If the debt hasn’t been paid, we send the customer a letter stating the exact amount that is being held and why it is owed to the University. We also provide the claim number and information on how to dispute the SODC claim.
    • If the claim has already been paid, we delete the claim and the funds are released.

For additional information about the University of Virginia's Accounts Receivable Department, please contact us at: , or call 434-924-7180, FAX 434-924-1034.