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Accounts Receivable

Disputed Charges

The Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) outlines the steps a creditor must follow when receiving a formal dispute:

  • The debtor must notify the University in writing within 60 days of receiving the initial billing statement; a verbal complaint does not constitute officially disputing a charge.
  • Once a charge has been formally disputed, the University is responsible for acknowledging the disputed charge within 30 days.
  • At 90 days from the receipt of the disputed letter, the University must either correct the error or respond to the debtor explaining why the charge is correct.

While the FCBA allows 90 days for resolve, that length of time should only be necessary in extreme cases. If resolve is not received in a manner timely to the nature of the dispute, the Accounts Receivable Manager has the ability and responsibility to reverse the disputed charge.

Disputed charges related to fines, such as parking tickets, should be sent directly to the billing department for resolve.

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