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Fiscal Administrators Meeting

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall

Opening Comments – Steve Kimata

·       Annual APA Audit wrapped up in October.  One thing that came up is that when employees leave the University, HR needs the departure date as soon as possible.  People are being overpaid because their departments are not letting HR know timely.  This causes confusion and repayment is difficult to collect.

·       Please remind new employees that for each new employee, the entire annual accrual will be available for use at the start of each leave year, prior to actually accruing the hours.  This provides employees with maximum flexibility in their use of leave time.  If an employee leaves the University during the course of the year, the time used and the time accrued are reconciled.  Leave accrued, but not used, is paid to the employee in the pay period following the last day of employment. Leave used but not accrued is either subtracted from the employee's final paycheck, or invoiced through Accounts Receivable if the amount owed to the University exceeds the net amount of the final paycheck.

·       The New Internal Financial Model is moving along at a fast pace now.

·       There was a question about the policy on employee charitable contributions to the University.  Following is the link to that policy.   http://www.virginia.edu/finance/polproc/pol/ixa9.html

University Human Resources – Janet Turner- Giles

·       Super Temp Cohort IV:  Our fourth cohort of Super Temps begins training March 18 through March 29.  They will be available on April 1st.  Just as a reminder, the purpose of this program is to help you, our partners, fulfill departmental staffing needs while providing excellent opportunities to 12 extremely talented, capable and skilled individuals.  This one-of-a-kind program provides Super Temps with Integrated System Human Resources, Finance, and Student Information System training, as well as equipping them with an I-key and ID.  Combining their already outstanding talents with knowledge of the Integrated System, the Super Temps immediately contribute to departments by filling challenging roles. This cohort of Super Temps will be ready to begin work on April 1.  Much like last year, you will want to reserve a Super Temp early! Contact Janet Turner-Giles via email at jmt4q@virginia.edu or via phone at 434.924.3330 to reserve your Super Temp today!

Information Technology Services – Ce Kimata

·       ESHARP Enhancements

ESHARP successfully welcomed the addition of the Student Information System (SIS) in August 2012.  In developing this new major component, we had the opportunity to include some significant enhancements to the Create Request process and, in particular, the View Requests process.  We also upgraded to an improved technical platform for better performance and support in the future.  We have been working since August to incorporate these new features into ESHARP HR/Finance with a planned roll-out on February 12, 2013.  Ce gave brief preview of them prior to roll-out. 

Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services

Terry Butler

·       Resubmit Payment Voucher button – should only be used by departments when answering a question from Accounts Payable in the paperclip.  People are using this when they shouldn’t.  When this button is used, it puts the voucher on hold.

·       Problem invoices – checked this morning, 70 need new PO’s.  Some examples are that the PO is paid in full and vendor is not told new PO numbers.  Use invoice web correction form when new PO is created to let them know.  Always check problem reports.

Dolores Hildebrand

·       A lot of the State Visa P-cards will expire in February, department should start receiving new cards now through middle of February.  Please note that you will need to update your information with any vendors that have your card number on file as your expiration date and CVV number will change. 

When calling to activate your replacement p-card, please remember that the Verification Code will be your agency code and your birthdate.  For example: 207MMDDYY

207 - UVA

246 - Wise

948 - SW Center

·       The University has lifted some restrictions on the P-Card, constantly check PSDS’s website for updates.  For example you can use your P-card to pay for a purchase from a vendor you only plan to use one time, if the vendor is not in the University's vendor file.

·       New P-Card program using local funds (MasterCard) is being developed, may require additional training, but will offer more flexibility to pay hotels and restaurants.  If you are interested in piloting, contact Dolores at djh2c@virginia.edu.

Eric Denby

·       Introduced Steve Heldreth, Major Procurements Manager

·       Receiving, still not being done timely.  When vendors call Procurement, we will tell vendor to call the department.  If still not done, Eric will start calling supervisors.

·       Eric asked group when they would rather have meetings, brown bag lunches or pre-sessions.  Group chose pre-sessions.  In February, Procurement will have a pre-session to show how we train vendors.

The next meeting is Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at 10:00 am in the South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall.

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