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Fiscal Administrators Meeting

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall

FA Meeting


Opening Comments – Steve Kimata


·      The Endowment distribution was submitted on Tuesday, January 17th.  The total amount was $68 million.


Revenue Collections – Ken Sinarski


EPay@UVA – Online Credit Card & eCheck Process




Devin Herod


Yoke San Reynolds and Accounting Services have restored the full Business Professional Development Program for 2012-2013.


·      Internal Controls and University Business Administration continue to be required of all UVA staff, faculty, and students that have requested a new responsibility in the Integrated System (Oracle), no matter the length of time in service. This policy went into effect in 2008 and completion of these courses is part of the University’s internal controls requirements. These instructor-led courses are available every two weeks through the Spring on Tuesdays.


·      Our Intermediate BPDP courses are back and are scheduled each is scheduled once a month through the Spring.


o   Basic Fund Accounting - An introduction to the principles of fund accounting in higher education.

o   Controlling Cash, Checks, & Credit Cards at UVA – An exploration of policies, risk management, best practices, and internal controls designed to protect University assets with cash value and University employees from malpractices.

o   Mastering Account Reconciliation - This course is a guide to performing expenditure reconciliations at the University of Virginia using Recon@UVA.

o   Award and Cash Management - This course is designed to show the "big picture" of money management using the Integrated System and relevant reports. It provides an overview of all award types and cash monitoring requirements.


·      You can earn your Business Professional Intermediate Certificate with the completion of all six courses (the two required basic and four intermediate). This is great for professional development (Lead@) and to add to your résumé if you are seeking another position at the University.


·      We have updated our Business Professionals Guide, a resource manual for University administrators, and it is available for download on our website.


·      We continue to offer our bi-monthly Brown Bag lunches covering topics such as Recon@UVA, Purchasing, Student Tuitions, and Credit Card options. Check out the latest schedule at: http://www.virginia.edu/finance/genacct/brownbag.html.


·      You can learn more about our classes and programs by visiting http://www.virginia.edu/finance and clicking on ‘Training and Outreach’ or by navigating directly to the program web page at: http://www.virginia.edu/finance/uvabp.


·      You can review course handouts or enroll in the courses from the program webpage through Learner Home.


University Human Resources – Anne Broccoli


2012 Legislative Session/Retirement Bills


·      Still very early into the Legislative Session so it is too soon to know what may actually continue through the process.  Valentine’s day is what is called cross over day where bills move from one side of the house to the other and the session then ends in March.


·      HB949 (Rob Bell): Establishes an Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) that state employees can elect to join in lieu of DB plan. 

-no details provided.


·      HB486 (Onzlee Ware): Provides employees in Higher Ed ORPs with 10 years of service, an opportunity to purchase service credit in the VRS Defined Benefit (DB) plan and thereafter be covered under the DB plan. 

-no details provided on formula for purchase of service costs (both to the employee and employer)


·      HB1129 (WJ Howell): modifies several provisions of the VRS Defined Benefit plan (AFC, COLA, and employee contribution rate, and multiplier rate). 


·      HB1130 (WJ Howell)/SB498(John Watkins): creates a “hybrid plan” that would be a combination of the DB plan and DC plan. 


Will return in February with another update


Office of Sponsored Programs – Sharon Brooks


·      The New Year could bring sweeping changes in dealing with grants, very burdensome to manage federal money (inefficient).


·      A21 Task Force has been formed to examine results of survey, some things have been the same for the last 20 year, so changes will be coming.  We will be able to give you more information in a few months.


·      National Institutes of Health Salary Cap:


       Reduced to Executive Level II = $179,700 effective on 12/23/2011 for all awards/funding with an initial        issue date from the sponsor of 12/23/2011 or later. This reduced rate is in effect at least through   9/30/2012 (federal FY2012) and will continue into federal FY2013 until a new Appropriations Act is signed into law. The accuracy of the effort report is totally dependent upon LD scheduling against the effective CAPS.


Additional faculty will now be subject to the lower cap


Cap NOW applies to ALL Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) awards/programs effective as of the December 23, 2011 initial issue date from the Sponsor


·      Do not use ‘characters’ in LD adjustment batch names: Avoid including ‘characters’ in LD adjustment batch names. This includes characters like: < > { } & “ ‘ %. Use ONLY alpha/numeric naming conventions without such special characters – some of which are noted above.


·      New Educational and Outreach Programs are coming, good foundation for employees who deal with grants.  First session Primer will be held at Carruthers Hall on February 3rd from 9:00-10:00.  Please check our website for details.


·      New workshops coming up


·      Encouraged everyone to attend monthly forums at Newcomb, contact Sharon to be added to mail list, open to all.


Kelly Hochstetler


·      President Obama’s Export Reform Initiative is in full swing with several proposed rules being published each month.  So far none have become interim or final rules, but we are submitting comments where Yoke San and I are preparing and submitting comments on behalf of the University when it looks like there is a potential negative impact on university activities.  Final rules re-writing all of the current Export Administration Regulations and International Traffic in Arms Regulations categories are anticipated this year. 


·      UVA Export Control Policy has been approved and is available at http://www.virginia.edu/uvapolicies


·      Export Controls on technology including research equipment.  Unfortunately it is not possible to provide researchers or purchasers with a list of technology that is subject to export control restrictions or licensing requirements

o   All physical exports are subject to export control regulations, but most do not require an export license.  However, the facts of each export must be looked at independently to arrive at a determination because the controls can be on one or more of the following”

§  Technology itself

§  Country of destination

§  End-User:  the organization and persons who will be using the technology

§  End Use:  the specific application or project for which the technology will be used

o   There are also controls on access to or use of certain types of technology by foreign nationals here in the US.


·      The recent violation UVA reported to the Department of State was due to our allowing a foreign national access to a piece of controlled technology here on Grounds

o   The equipment was loaned to the University by a company that did not know it was controlled

o   No review or tracking of the technology when it came to UVA

o   UVA became aware of the controls when the researchers contacted the manufacturer for information and an engineer at the company informed them of the control status


·      Significant fines and penalties are possible for export violations

§  Individual:  up to $1 million per violation and 20 years in prison

§  Institutional:  fines and potential debarment from Federal contracting




Delores Hildebrand


Time to take P-card renewal training, Carrie is sending email with detail this week.  Training is same as last year for P-card holders, very short for approvers.


Terry Butler


·      Students are not required to use their taxpayer ID number (TIN) when registering at the University as a Student.  However, if a Student is paid for services that may be considered taxable income and results in the issuance of a 1099, a valid TIN must be supplied.  This includes all Services Expenditure Type categories as well as Human Subject payments, Cash Awards and Prizes, Honoraria, and any other taxable expenditure types. 

If your department is processing a payment for services as described above to a Student and the only Supplier record in Oracle is the Student record, either:

the Student must complete a new vendor registration form for individuals found on Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services'(PSDS) website at https://www.procurement.virginia.edu/pagevendorregistrationform; or the department can obtain the Student's TIN, create a supplier by using the Vendor Add form in Oracle, and include the word 'Research' in the Special Status field as with other human subjects.

Payment Vouchers for services that reference an invalid TIN will be cancelled and the preparer in the department will be notified by PSDS to reprocess the payment with a valid TIN.

Questions may be directed to the Payment/Vendor File area by calling PSDS at 434-924-4212 or emailing prs-vend@virginia.edu.


John McHugh

·       Travelectra (new on-line tool) – is close to being done.  Roll out in February, we will do a pre-session before the February 15th meeting.  Travelectra will be here, we recommend anyone who does travel to attend. 

The P-Card can be used to book lodging, includes local lodging also (only in Travelectra), not outside.

Travel policies are built in, will give you warnings, etc. if things are not allowed.  Will ensure compliance.

Uses discounted rates

·       HP Toners – renewed “HP Big Deal” pricing with Guy Brown, save 8-12% over all vendors, not on all toners, but high transaction ones.

·       New PO Approver responsibility created – allows employees to approve requisitions if they have limited or no responsibilities (i.e. Faculty).  On-line Purchasing training, along with Internal Controls and University Business Administration are only requirements to receive this responsibility.


Eric Denby

·      Reminder:  Following are the steps for using iProcurement to make changes to requisitions after a purchase order has been issued.  The system allows a user to use iProcurement to update the quantities on a requisition and/or cancel requisition lines after a PO has been created.  However, once that requisition change is submitted, the system needs to know whether the user wants the associated PO to be similarly adjusted. 

You MUST approve the change to the purchase order via the notification that is generated upon submission of your change in iProcurement.  Otherwise, the PO will remain in a status of “in process” and no additional activity (i.e., receiving, invoicing) will be allowed.  The notification will have a subject of “Change Request for PO ####### from User Last Name, User First Name.”

Detailed instructions on making changes through iProcurement can be found in the Purchasing FAQs located at http://www.virginia.edu/integratedsystem/faq/faqPoAP.html#po17.


If you have questions, please contact the Help Desk at 924-HELP (4357) or 4help@virginia.edu.

·      We decided to pull the policy 2 weeks ago concerning reimbursements to employees using personal funds.  As a department, you have the right not to reimburse sales tax.


The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 10:00 am in the South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall.

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